Preven­tion of air pol­lu­tion

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One out of eight deaths in In­dia dur­ing 2017 was at­trib­ut­able to air pol­lu­tion, which is be­com­ing more fa­tal than tobacco. It is be­yond any­one’s un­der­stand­ing why Gov­ern­ment keeps talk­ing about ‘Swachh Bharat’, but rel­a­tively ig­no­rant to­wards Swachh air and wa­ter --- our life lines?

Over half of the 12.4 lakh deaths in In­dia dur­ing 2017 were at­trib­ut­able to air pol­lu­tion and were of those aged less than 70. To control air pol­lu­tion the Supreme Court had banned crack­ers. Spe­cially to help the de­grad­ing air qual­ity in the na­tional cap­i­tal, Delhi the Badarpur ther­mal power was closed, diesel trucks were de­nied en­try, buy­ing higher power diesel cars not be­ing al­lowed. Even then, af­ter so many mea­sures, air pol­lu­tion is still not un­der control. One has to agree that be­fore blam­ing the Gov­ern­ment, we must think about how much are we re­spon­si­ble for the ter­ri­ble en­vi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions around us. Be­cause as per the sur­vey, the ma­jor sources of am­bi­ent par­tic­u­late mat­ter pol­lu­tion in In­dia are coal burn­ing in ther­mal power plants, in­dus­try emis­sions, con­struc­tion ac­tiv­ity, brick kilns, trans­port ve­hi­cles, road dust, res­i­den­tial and com­mer­cial biomass burn­ing, waste burn­ing, agri­cul­tural stub­ble burn­ing (mainly in the States of Pun­jab and Haryana), and diesel gen­er­a­tors. It’s high time that we start liv­ing in har­mony with na­ture, and for this we will have to find en­vi­ron­men­tal friendly sub­sti­tutes for cer­tain com­forts.

Via email Bidyut Ku­mar Chat­ter­jee

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