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AF­TER a stress­ful day at work, un­wind, de­stress and get a rest­ful sleep by us­ing right fra­grances in your sur­round­ings and by choos­ing a bed­room colour that aid your sleep, sug­gest ex­perts.

Alphonse Reddy, Founder of Sun­day Mat­tresses, said in a state­ment: “Each colour has a dif­fer­ent im­pact on each per­son and can gen­er­ate a wide ar­ray of emo­tions. Calm is con­ducive to sleep, there­fore, calm colours are the best bed­room colours to get you in a mood to sleep.

Along with sooth­ing colours, a good fra­grance can bring the body and mind into har­mony and also pro­mote re­lax­ation.

As for aro­matic fra­grances, they cre­ate a pleas­ant en­vi­ron­ment in the bed­room and calms one's mood and nerves, al­low­ing him or her to fall asleep soon, said Ja­gadish B S from Nat­u­ral Aroma World.

Es­sen­tial take­aways:

The colour of your bed­room and decor play a ma­jor role in de­ter­min­ing how well you sleep. Gan­glion cells in our eyes are spe­cialised re­cep­tors that are most sen­si­tive to the colours we see and there­fore af­fect how we sleep and feel dur­ing the day. It is im­por­tant to choose a colour theme in your bed­room that will help you re­lax and in­duce sleep.

The colour blue doesn't al­ways make you feel blue. In fact, peo­ple sleep­ing in a room painted blue can get around 7 hours, 52 min­utes of sleep ev­ery night, the max­i­mum com­pared to all the other colours of the rain­bow. Sooth­ing blue low­ers your heart rate and re­duces blood pres­sure, mak­ing you get up feel­ing happy and re­freshed.

Green and yel­lows come a close se­cond, fol­lowed by sil­ver, orange, red and gold. Grey and brown are lower on the list as they make you feel weary, while pur­ple gets you only 5 hours, 56 min­utes of sleep as it stim­u­lates brain pro­mot­ing vivid dreams or even night­mares - a big no-no to your al­ready ex­cited brain that will keep you up at night and make you get up tired in morn­ing.

Scents and fra­grances can ma­nip­u­late your mood and the right smells in your bed­room can go a long way in re­lax­ing your mind and eas­ing you into a deep sleep.

Scents can trig­ger phys­i­cal re­ac­tions in our bod­ies and have last­ing ef­fects, long af­ter the scent is gone. The best fra­grances that have ther­a­peu­tic, cu­ra­tive prop­er­ties and help re­lieve stress to pro­mote bet­ter sleep are Laven­der, Chamomile, Citrusy Berg­amot, Jas­mine, Rose and San­dal­wood. Choose the right es­sen­tial oils that you can dab on your wrists, in­hale or rub your hands with. You can also add them to your bath be­fore sleep. Light­ing aro­matic can­dles with these scents in your bed­room can help re­lax you and in­fuse deep, re­lax­ing sleep.

Try laven­der drops on your pil­low, or scented eye-masks. Not only is Chamomile tea great for morn­ings, it works re­ally well be­fore bed too as it re­freshes you from stress. Berg­amot oil is known to re­lieve ten­sion by re­duc­ing heart rate and blood pres­sure.

●While Jas­mine calms the mind, it is also known to boost en­ergy lev­els. It is great for peo­ple who have the rest­less­ness syn­drome as this fra­grance re­laxes their mus­cles eas­ily be­fore fall­ing asleep. The calm­ing scent of rose is known for its seda­tive ef­fects while the sweet scent of san­dal­wood helps you sleep longer.

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