A col­lec­tion of smart kitchen gad­gets that you’ll love to use ev­ery­day

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Smart kitchen gad­gets for ev­ery­day use

Cook­ing Made Easy

1 The Anova pre­ci­sion cooker is a smart cooker for those who want to in­dulge into the sous vide tech­nique of cook­ing. The term sous vide means ‘un­der vac­uum sim­i­lar to brais­ing or smok­ing of meat, in a slow cooked pro­longed man­ner. The Anova is a large cylin­der with a heat­ing el­e­ment and a fan at the bot­tom. The top part of the cooker com­prises of an LCD screen, which pro­vides you the de­sired wa­ter tem­per­a­ture and the du­ra­tion. When con­nected to a smart­phone via Blue­tooth, the Anova App pro­vides hun­dreds of recipes, re­mov­ing all the guess­work.

Magic Can

2 Tech­nol­ogy is a form which can be in­cor­po­rated in our lives on a daily ba­sis. The Sim­ple­hu­man Trash Can is a perfect def­i­ni­tion to that. It’s a 58 litres stain­less steel can, which com­prises of sen­sors that can de­tect ges­ture con­trols like wav­ing your hand to open the lid or by voice recog­ni­tion, just say ‘open’ and the lid opens. It is pow­ered ei­ther by plac­ing it near a power socket or by 6 AA bat­ter­ies, if you don’t keep your trash near an out­let. Look­ing for a smart and hy­genic way to take out your trash? Look no fur­ther.

In­tel­li­gent Oven

3 Perfect for those who en­joy has­sle­free cook­ing. The June In­tel­li­gent Oven is a counter-top ap­pli­ance that looks like a mi­crowave, cooks like a reg­u­lar oven, and thinks like a mod­ern day smart­phone. The smart-oven comes with built- in cam­eras, that not only de­tects a par­tic­u­lar type of food, but cooks it too. The de­vice’s soft­ware is con­fig­u­rated to recog­nise more than 20 foods and cook them once you place it in­side the oven. It con­nects to your home Wi-Fi, so, you can con­trol the oven re­motely from your IOS de­vice and see a live stream of your food as it cooks.


4 The Nest Pro­tect is one such smart de­vice, which de­tects smoke and car­bon­monox­ide lev­els. De­pend­ing on the in­ten­sity of the smoke, the LED light on the Nest Pro­tect changes colour from green to red; green be­ing safe and red be­ing dan­ger­ous. The de­vice gets con­nected to your smart­phone and is op­er­ated via the Nest App, which in turn de­tects slow smol­der­ing fires as well as fast burn­ing ones, and sends an alert to your smart­phone. The Nest Pro­tect is by far the best smoke de­tec­tor cur­rently avail­able in terms of safety, re­li­a­bil­ity and tech­nol­ogy.

Chic Smart

5 In a world where smart-speak­ers are gain­ing more pop­u­lar­ity, Ama­zon con­tin­ues to be the front run­ner in this space. The Echo Spot is the new­est ad­di­tion to the lineup of smart­s­peak­ers. This cutely shaped de­vice is the first Echo de­vice to host a 2.5 inches cir­cu­lar screen. Apart from the reg­u­lar ‘Alexa’ fea­tures, the Echo Spot also has a cam­era for video calls. The size of the Echo Spot makes it flex­i­ble to place - be used as a bed side alarm clock or a kitchen coun­ter­top, the Echo Spot blends in seam­lessly.

Freeze it!

6 Ever since the in­ter­net revo­lu­tion, Sam­sung have been pioneers in bring­ing IOT de­vices to house­hold prod­ucts. Their lat­est of­fer­ing is the Sam­sung Fam­ily Hub Re­frig­er­a­tor (ver­sion 3.0) that comes with a 22 litres French styled dou­ble door stain­less steel fridge with a 21.5 inches touch screen. The Fam­ily Hub con­sists of cam­eras in­side, which pro­vide you an ex­act over­lay of what’s present in­side with­out even open­ing the doors. The home­grown Sam­sung bixby voice as­sis­tant is also avail­able, which dou­bles up to be a voice recog­ni­tion speaker. The Fam­ily Hub app is ac­ces­si­ble to mul­ti­ple peo­ple at home via a smart­phone, con­nect­ing them and giv­ing ac­cess to the fridge, while cre­at­ing a shop­ping list.

Say Cheers

7 Now be­come a mixol­o­gist with the Perfect Drink Pro that helps you re­cre­ate those lip-smack­ing cock­tails. It’s a stain­less steel scale, which is con­nected to your phone via Blue­tooth. The de­vice has an LCD screen that shows the to­tal weight of the scale. With the help of the perfect drink App on your phone, it can re­cre­ate more than 300 recipes that caters from clas­sic cock­tails to mod­ern ones. Apart from the wide range of recipes, the App also al­lows you to cre­ate your own cock­tails.

Hard­work­ing ma­chine

8 As we race to­wards the fu­ture, more and more de­vices are cre­ated to curb down hu­man ef­fort. The Vac­cum Ro­bot Roomba 671 is one such cleaner that al­lows you to sit on the couch and re­lax as it goes by its busi­ness of clean­ing the house. It’s a disc shape de­vice, de­signed in a man­ner where it’s ac­ces­si­ble to clean ev­ery nook and cor­ner of a home. The Wi-Fi en­abled Roomba not only con­nects to your smart­phone for clean­ing up­dates, but also pro­vides you a track map of the house cleaned.

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