Mon­ica Jain Cu­ra­tor and Direc­tor art cen­trix takes us into the world of three artists filled with lu­cid dreams and sur­real im­agery which will take you on a fan­tas­ti­cal ride.

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Cu­ra­tor Mon­ica Jain’s ride through lu­cid dreams and sur­real im­agery

Awake and hal­lu­ci­nat­ing - ‘think­ing’ a dream. A di­aphanous screen alone sep­a­rat­ing the real from the imag­ined. Yet, it is eas­ily pen­e­trated. The artist, liv­ing in that state of lu­cid hal­lu­ci­na­tion takes the in­tan­gi­ble and gives it a per­pet­ual state of ex­is­tence upon that screen, the can­vas. Un­der his deft fin­gers, it quickly evolves into a mir­ror-like fidelity to his dreams.

He is an em­pow­ered be­ing. When he picks up the brush to paint, the strokes have a lu­cid­ity of worlds imag­ined as if they re­ally ex­ist - they are about to live on till eter­nity upon the sur­face. And who is to counter that? For ex­ist they did, in an imag­ined re­al­ity or a real imag­i­na­tion with a clar­ity that his out­stretched arms could al­most reach out and grasp. When I en­vis­aged this show, I tapped upon my own ex­is­tence as an artist and shared my thoughts with some se­nior artists whose work I ad­mired. I asked them if they’d let me in into their world of fan­ta­sia - would they be will­ing to cre­ate some­thing com­pletely new upon my re­quest? What emerged was sim­ply stun­ning and left me agape, awestruck and over­whelmed.

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