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What’s trend­ing in lux­ury bling? Who are the new stars twin­kling in the jew­ellery fir­ma­ment? What is the con­tem­po­rary woman of the world mak­ing a sparkle with these days? The Lux­ury Col­lec­tion brings you up to date with the styles and up close with a few in­die de­sign­ers who have been qui­etly cre­at­ing rip­ples of their own and ac­quir­ing quite a tidal fol­low­ing in the process.

If di­a­monds are a woman’s best friends, rings are where she loves to meet them. So in which di­rec­tion are the fin­ger rings point­ing? To­day, it seems that rings are all about stack­ing up. Gone are the days when one el­e­gant ring lorded over the woman’s fin­gers in soli­tary splen­dor. In these times of con­spic­u­ous con­sump­tion, the aim is to stack each fin­ger with as many rings as can turn an air kiss into a blind­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Jew­ellery de­sign­ers are fash­ion­ing rings in sets or stacks to cre­ate a lay­ered state­ment on your fin­gers.

Leshna Shah’s Aurelle has an ex­cit­ing col­lec­tion of such ‘stack­ables’ that you can use to re­de­fine your per­son­al­ity. Midi rings, knuckle rings, layer rings and more…all fash­ioned out of 18k white and yel­low gold and stud­ded with black, white and cham­pagne di­a­monds. Enough to make a girl want to show the fin­ger to the world, in a man­ner of speak­ing, and un­abashedly ex­press her­self. Ex­plore Leshna’s cre­ations at Mix, match and flash light­ning from your fin­gers!

An­other name that is find­ing favour with lux­ury fash­ion­istas is Dil­lano Jew­els. Their Mys­tic Charm col­lec­tion com­pris­ing mul­ti­fin­ger rings and ear­rings is cur­rently what is mak­ing heads turn. Crafted in yel­low and white gold, and set with di­a­monds and other pre­cious stones, their range, as op­posed to Aurelle, is dainty and pe­tite, with in­tri­cate flo­ral pat­terns. These are for the woman who prefers to whisper her style state­ment rather than pro­claim it. It’s about sub­tlety ver­sus bold­ness, soft­ness ver­sus as­sertive­ness. It’s all about you ac­tu­ally and how you feel about your­self.

Mov­ing up from the fin­gers to the neck, Gioielli by Parneet Thukral, has a tas­sel col­lec­tion of light­weight dan­glers and chok­ers that are de­signed to suit all oc­ca­sions. Set with semi-pre­cious stones in cheer­ful pink, aqua and grey, these neck­pieces are el­e­gant and grace­ful even as they are lively and strik­ing. The mood of the mo­ment, in­so­far as neck­laces and chains go, is to com­bine con­trasts. An an­tique gold fin­ish, for ex­am­ple, boldly paired with a pink stone and worn for a day party is sure to elicit oohs and aahs. And Gioelli has plenty of such op­tions for you to in­dulge your­self to the max­i­mum. We live in an age of un-in­hi­bi­tion, to coin a word, where the only thing you need to look glam­orous is the chutz­pah to carry it off. Gioielli is the BFF that you are look­ing for in this mis­sion!

Shop­ping jew­ellery has al­ways been a ‘touch, feel and try on’ thing, or that is how con­ven­tional wis­dom would have it. It’s about beauty and fash­ion, and it’s about spend­ing a lot of money. Enough rea­son for a woman to in­sist on see­ing and hold­ing the real thing be­fore open­ing her clutch to pay for it. So guess who’s the lat­est jew­ellery re­tail brand to at­tract cus­tomers like moths to a flame? Counter-in­tu­itively enough, it is www.vel­, the online

jew­ellery mar­ket­place pi­o­neered by Kapil He­tam­saria and Ru­nit Shah. And if you are reach­ing for your smart­phone to check their site out, make sure you take a look at their Iconic Travel Col­lec­tion. This col­lec­tion of light and edgy trin­kets, from strik­ing dan­glers to chic ten­nis bracelets and clas­sic ear studs, is crafted en­tirely out of sil­ver and decked with Swarovski crys­tals and white stones. The col­lec­tion has a min­i­mal­ist, time­less, bor­der­less qual­ity to it that makes it the per­fect ac­ces­sory to the glo­be­trot­ting woman, who needs to look her best across a kalei­do­scope of cul­tures and oc­ca­sions. There is, of course, much more to Vel­vetcase than this Col­lec­tion alone. You can browse over a hun­dred thou­sand prod­ucts and more than three hun­dred brands and de­sign­ers from all cor­ners of the coun­try, span­ning tra­di­tional and con­tem­po­rary de­signs in fash­ion, pre­cious and cus­tom made jew­ellery. Well, the best way to dis­cover them all is to visit the site and see the whole en­sem­ble for your­self.



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