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Choos­ing the right kind of pot for your plant is as im­por­tant as choos­ing the plant it­self. Most of­ten an in­di­vid­ual would pick out a lush grow­ing plant from the nurs­ery and choose a small pot to suit the lo­ca­tion it is to be set in. Over a few days, the once lush plant now starts to wither even though all the pre­req­ui­sites with re­spect to light & water were met. The in­di­vid­ual now has all hopes for an in­door land­scape shattered due to one tiny mis­take. A plant’s roots are the source of its nutri­tion - Stuff the roots and the plant will sti­fle. Those cute lit­tle color-dipped pots you bought online are adorable, but once your plants’ roots have out­grown them, they will start to die. Trans­fer to a big­ger pot and save the lit­tle ones for stor­age or new baby plants.

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