A Di­a­logue In Flu­o­res­cence! Meet Dive Mad­house

The Luxury Collection - - Contents - -By Samyuk­tha Rao

I fol­low this artist who is ex­pres­sive and raw in his works. The play­ful­ness in his art moves me. In one shin­ing mo­ment of courage I wrote to him ask­ing if I could in­ter­view him for an ar­ti­cle that I want to write. In less than 24 hours I was set­ting up the in­ter­view with DIVE which is a pseu­do­nym for Fredrik who is a 24 year old artist based in Gothen­burg, Swe­den. So, here we are, end­less cof­fees and an in­ter­view later, ‘DIVE’ING into his world of flu­o­res­cence!

How and when did you first start paint­ing?

I have al­ways ex­pressed my­self in one way or an­other. It’s al­ways been a very or­ganic flow and ex­pres­sion to me. The words were ex­plo­sive and look­ing back - they sparked my cre­ative en­ergy. About 5 to 6 years ago I ended up at a pent­house-after-party with a wide range of peo­ple – to­gether cre­at­ing a raw con­text of cre­ativ­ity, and I had this sud­den urge to paint. Two peo­ple from the crowd– one be­ing a mu­si­cian and the other an al­to­gether cre­ative soul–and I, un­know­ingly, cre­ated an ab­strac­tion of the artis­tic vigour the con­text had let pass at that time. We painted al­most all night and when I woke up alone in the apart­ment, I awoke to this bright sun­lit room that seemed to have brought life to the vi­brant work. It was as if there was move­ment in the paint­ing. This was cer­tainly the birth of the fas­ci­na­tion for rag­ing ex­pres­sion through color, in­side of me!

What are the medi­ums you use to ex­press with?

A medium is merely a means to reach my ex­pres­sion. I am con­stantly, con­sciously as well as un­con­sciously, ob­ser­vant of my sur­round­ings and I find my­self see­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties in spa­ces, odd pat­terns on the gen­eral street and in dif­fer­ent tools of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. But when I paint, I most fre­quently use oil pas­tels, oil paints, rose leaves, acrylics, spray paint etc…

How has travel in­flu­enced your art?

My fam­ily is to­day based in Swe­den. My sib­lings and I have had a great cul­tural ex­change and breadth, grow­ing up. We lived in var­i­ous coun­tries. My first few years were in Paris, France. Like the well-known cliché, Paris and France had an in­flu­ence on me through their vibe and cul­tural-dna it­self, which was and is so alive! I have also lived in the U.S, the very beau­ti­ful Greece and am now back and based in Swe­den.

In each of the cities I have called my home, the vivid ur­ban vibe has spurred me in the search for that be­yond. I am sure that this has in­flu­enced my process. Two branches, with highly pos­si­ble roots in the men­tioned, are both the rag­ing – raw tone which helps me strive for truth and essence in the ex­pres­sion. The other branch, con­trast­ing the raw nu­ance com­ing from a for­ever-ex­ist­ing long­ing for that’s else­where.

What is your process while cre­at­ing?

All my creations are fo­cused more on the process than the out­come. When I am in my stu­dio, my ex­plo­ration be­gins with my can­vas flat on the ground. The mu­sic is of­ten pound­ing and help­ing me in the process of let­ting ex­pres­sive waves pass. Soon, I al­low the de­vel­op­ment to take over. I paint usu­ally with the ath­letic en­thu­si­asm of a per­former on stage! A process, which is of­ten ooz­ing with raw en­ergy as I use my knives and brushes. I am cur­rently ex­per­i­ment­ing with 3D items that I add on to my art­work which projects an­other di­men­sion of my ex­pres­sion to the viewer. I never truly know what the sub­ject of my art­work is; hence I let my in­tu­ition take cen­tre stage while cre­at­ing my art­works. The flu­o­res­cent colours I use have a lot of light in them and are eas­ily jux­ta­posed against the sim­ple forms and line draw­ings in my creations. The dy­nam­ics are cre­ated nat­u­rally. In the process, a rec­cur­ing prin­ci­ple is that of waves and mo­tion.

What is your take on the use of so­cial me­dia in the art world on a global plat­form?

I think so­cial me­dia when used right re­ally has the op­por­tu­nity to bring peo­ple to­gether. It’s a com­plex yet lean out­let for free flow of thoughts and com­mu­ni­ca­tion. It al­lows peo­ple to col­lab­o­rate and ex­change ideas, de­spite long range dis­tances. Our con­ver­sa­tion right now is a tes­ti­mony to this thought.

How does it in­flu­ence the arts com­mu­nity?

The arts com­mu­nity is un­der­go­ing a huge tran­si­tion as we speak! The in­flu­ence of so­cial me­dia on the same is huge and to an ex­tent, never be­fore seen. It em­pow­ers peo­ple, thus mak­ing it highly demo­cratic in its en­tirety. It is very or­ganic to the day and age. It of­fers the pos­si­b­lity, for those who use it well, to com­mu­nica­tively en­richen artists and al­low the same to reach and in­ter­act with their au­di­ences, pa­trons and buy­ers ef­fort­lessly. It makes it pos­si­ble for artist-buy­er­re­la­tion to grow, not nec­es­sar­ily re­stricted to a show­ing spe­cific to a ge­o­graph­i­cal lo­ca­tion. It pro­vides op­por­tu­nity for each per­son to carve out their niche. Fur­ther­more, it al­lows for col­lab­o­ra­tive projects that are har­mo­nious and carry great syn­ergy. The in­flu­ence of so­cial me­dia on the arts com­mu­nity is al­ready be­gin­ning to show ef­fect and will with cer­tainty, con­tu­inue to grow. It’s the start of a mega-off­line-toon­line-tran­si­tion that is go­ing to sus­tain through pos­i­tiv­ity and ex­u­ber­ance.

What are the key words you would ex­plain your art with?

With a very re­spect­ful ap­proach, I let my works, as I have sim­ply let them pass through me, be the sub­ject to the un­der­stand­ing and ex­pe­ri­ence of my au­di­ence. How­ever, process-wise it is an ap­proach built upon raw yet play­ful mo­tion, and that would be mo­tion not only in phys­i­cal terms but also in the ex­pres­sive let­ting of pass­ing waves. Key words on the spec­tra on which the end-re­sults could be added, could be a gen­eral ab­stract take on the one side, with a naïvis­tic or pseudo-naïvis­tic out­let on the other. My pieces are more of a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of what is pass­ing within more than what is phys­i­cally pass­ing around me. It spurs from long­ing to be in touch with the very core.

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