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A spi­ral of pre­cious gems, a skein of me­tal­lic ropes or a multi-faceted jew­elled band – which of th­ese styles would you choose as the per­fect wed­ding ring? Or would you pre­fer a clus­ter of fire opals, a clutch of amethysts or a swirl of emer­alds en­twined with di­a­monds?

With tastes chang­ing and trends evolv­ing, the days of the plain gold wed­ding band are far be­hind us. Though many tra­di­tion­al­ists be­lieve that brides should wear only a gold band as a wed­ding ring, many young brides to­day, want more op­tions. It is due to this ever-in­creas­ing de­mand for va­ri­ety that a slew of new styles, met­als and gems have opened up in the world of wed­ding rings.

So, how do you choose a wed­ding ring and what is trend­ing to­day? Here’s a com­pi­la­tion of all that is hot and hap­pen­ing in the wed­ding ring mar­ket to­day. Read on… Time­less tra­di­tion It is be­lieved that the tra­di­tion of wed­ding rings can be traced back to an­cient Egypt. Ac­cord­ing to ar­chae­o­log­i­cal re­search, there seems to have been an ex­change of braided rings of hemp or reeds be­tween spouses in an­cient Egypt and the tra­di­tion was car­ried for­ward in Rome and Greece be­fore be­ing adopted as an im­por­tant rit­ual in the rest of Europe and the US. To­day, ex­chang­ing rings has be­come an in­te­gral part of a wed­ding cer­e­mony. It is worn on the left hand be­cause it was be­lieved that this fin­ger has a spe­cial vein that con­nects di­rectly to the heart.

The wed­ding ring stands as a sym­bol of a life­time of fidelity and love. The cir­cu­lar band sig­ni­fies a love with­out end and a part­ner­ship that is eter­nal. Over the years, the ring has also evolved as a sta­tus sym­bol, to sig­nify the wealth of the bride­groom and his sta­tus in society.

Trendy styles

Most women want unique wed­ding rings nowa­days. One of the most pop­u­lar styles is the pavé ring, which is es­sen­tially a close set­ting of di­a­monds that are held to­gether with tiny beads or prongs that are al­most in­vis­i­ble. It is from the French word ‘pavé’ which means ‘paved’ and de­scribes a ring that is ‘paved’ with di­a­monds.

An­other in­ter­est­ing trend that In­sta­gram­mers and stylists love nowa­days is the stack­able ring. Th­ese are thin di­a­mond rings that are stacked one on top of the other to cre­ate a har­mo­nious col­lage of colour and light.

Yet an­other in­ter­est­ing wed­ding ring trend this year is the retro ring. Vin­tage rings in yel­low gold in clas­sic de­signs are back in vogue among young brides.

Let there be colour

Love colour? This is your year to cel­e­brate it. The shade which has en­deared it­self to hearts of women across the world this year, is rose gold. It is now the most pop­u­lar choice for a wed­ding ring. The main rea­son for its pop­u­lar­ity lies in the fact that it flat­ters al­most all skin tones and looks gor­geous too. The other colour that is pop­u­lar to­day, is the yel­low di­a­mond. But th­ese are not the only colours that are trend­ing now. Eter­nity rings with warm red and deep blue stones set in di­a­monds are in great de­mand as also blue, pink and yel­low sap­phires and scar­let ru­bies. Brides are even opt­ing for their birth­stones for the ring or a pre­cious stone that sym­bol­ises the month that they met their hus­bands.

Stones and their sig­nif­i­cance

Ever since brides be­gan wear­ing coloured stones in their wed­ding rings, they made their de­ci­sions based on the sig­nif­i­cance of the stones that they loved. Di­a­monds have been pop­u­lar for cen­turies be­cause they stand for true love but there are many leg­ends that sur­round other pre­cious stones too. Sap­phires stand for loy­alty and de­vo­tion, ru­bies for love and pas­sion and pur­ple amethysts for hap­pi­ness and con­tent­ment. Other stones like green peri­dots are sup­posed to bring pros­per­ity, aqua­marines pro­vide courage, pearls sym­bol­ise pu­rity and topaz stands for love and fidelity.

The right choice

So, how do you go about choos­ing the right ring?

The first step lies in mak­ing a few de­ci­sions. Wed­ding stylists sug­gest that you need to de­cide on a bud­get be­fore set­ting out to buy a ring. Once you make that im­por­tant de­ci­sion, you need to con­cen­trate on the next four pa­ram­e­ters of buy­ing a ring -- namely the style, colour, size and metal of the ring that you want.

Here are some more point­ers that you need to keep in mind when you are look­ing for a wed­ding ring….

* Make sure it suits your life­style. Jew­ellers of­ten tell their cus­tomers that it is best to buy a ring that will not be an im­ped­i­ment to your job or life­style. It is im­por­tant to find a ring that will help you han­dle all your tasks with­out get­ting in the way.

* Choose clas­sic over hy­per-trendy. A time­less ring will re­main at­trac­tive for sev­eral decades. But that does not mean that you need to take the tra­di­tional path all the way. There are new and trendy

ways to be fash­ion­able while stick­ing to the clas­sics. So, don’t be too dif­fi­dent about look­ing around to find a style that suits you per­fectly. But re­mem­ber – if you are go­ing to match your wed­ding ring with your spouse, the rings have to be in a colour and style that you both like.

Metal ma­nia

Just as you can choose from a va­ri­ety of gems and jew­els, you have a choice in met­als too. Gold and plat­inum are no longer your only choices. There are a host of other op­tions like green gold which is a blend of pure gold and sil­ver, ster­ling sil­ver, ti­ta­nium and stainless steel. Be­sides th­ese met­als, you can also choose from ma­te­ri­als like pal­la­dium, zir­co­nium, cobalt and tung­sten.

No per­fect size

The size of a ring should be cho­sen care­fully but re­mem­ber there is no such thing as the per­fect fit. A com­fort­able fit is all you can aim for as the sizes of our fin­gers vary during the course of a life­time. If you plan to wear a num­ber of rings stacked up, you will need to ac­count for dif­fer­ent widths of the fin­ger at dif­fer­ent points of the fin­ger. The best time to try out a ring is late af­ter­noon when the fin­gers tend to be at their most sta­ble size of the day. De­spite all th­ese pre­cau­tions, you may have to ad­just the size of your ring later, in ac­cor­dance with the sea­sons and due to weight gain or loss over the years.

A wed­ding ring rep­re­sents love, com­mit­ment and prom­ises. It has great sen­ti­men­tal value and is price­less in more ways than one. Choos­ing the per­fect ring is a mo­men­tous de­ci­sion and mak­ing it as near-per­fect and splen­did can be the first and most im­por­tant step in your jour­ney of love and to­geth­er­ness.

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