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Dog eloc­tro­cuted in a vain bid to save mas­ter


IF ever there was an ex­am­ple to but­tress the oft-re­peated phrase that dog is man’s best friend, it can be found in an un­marked grave on a small tract at Kalkon­dan­patti near Utha­panaiyaka­nur in the district. Hid­den in the bo­som of the freshly-cov­ered grave are the re­mains of a fallen furry hero, who died in vain bid to save his mas­ter.

Po­lice said that M Mukusu The­var (65), a res­i­dent of Kalkon­dan­patti, had taken out his cat­tle for graz­ing on Tues­day morn­ing. How­ever, un­known to him, an elec­tric­ity cable that had snapped in the overnight rain was ly­ing unat­tended at the pas­ture. Mukusu no­ticed the cable only when one of his cows went pre­car­i­ously close to it. By the time Mukusu reached the cow, it had touched it and suf­fered elec­tric shock.

In a vain bid to rescue the cow, Mukusu touched the live cable and suf­fered elec­tric shock. See­ing Mukusu strug­gling, the fam­ily dog, Ramu, rushed to the spot and tried to pull away the live cable from his mas­ter. How­ever, the dog too was elec­tro­cuted. Hear­ing the cries of the dog, Mukusu’s rel­a­tives went to the spot only to find all three dead. Mukusu’s rel­a­tive Sen­thami­lan (40) said that the former had been liv­ing with his sons. “The dog had been in the fam­ily for nearly seven years. His heroic was some­thing we were ac­cus­tomed to. There had been times when he fought off snakes and ver­min. Ramu was a lov­ing and a de­voted dog. We re­lied on him to herd the four cows,” he said. Ramu and the car­cass of the cow were buried in tract owned by the fam­ily.

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