Dis­abil­ity among el­derly much higher than Cen­sus data shows

A study by re­searchers from the In­ter­na­tional In­sti­tute for Ap­plied Sys­tems Anal­y­sis (IIASA) in Aus­tria says dis­abil­ity among In­dia’s el­derly pop­u­la­tion is much larger than sug­gested by the coun­try’s na­tional Cen­sus

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men aged 60 and above (90 lakh ) ex­pe­ri­ence dis­abil­ity, ac­cord­ing to IIASA study


women aged 60 and above (1.4 crore) ex­pe­ri­ence dis­abil­ity, as per IIASA study


of In­dia’s el­derly pop­u­la­tion suf­fers from dis­abil­ity, ac­cord­ing to Cen­sus 2011 data

The re­searchers de­fined dis­abil­ity as dif­fi­culty or in­abil­ity to per­form three spe­cific ac­tiv­i­ties: walk­ing one km, go­ing to the toi­let with­out help, and dress­ing with­out help

In the sur­vey, re­spon­dents had to chose from three op­tions to the query about abil­ity to per­form a spe­cific task — ‘no dif­fi­culty’, ‘can do with dif­fi­culty’, and ‘un­able to do it’


Preva­lence of dis­abil­ity is much higher among wi­d­owed women and among the poor and il­lit­er­ate


Re­searchers also found a sig­nif­i­cant con­nec­tion be­tween chronic mor­bid­ity, or long-term health con­di­tions — di­a­betes, high blood pres­sure, and heart dis­ease — and dis­abil­ity


Like­li­hood of dis­abil­ity is al­ways the high­est among di­a­betes pa­tients, fol­lowed by high blood pres­sure


Dis­abil­ity rate is the low­est among el­derly per­sons with heart dis­ease. This may be due to high mor­tal­ity among heart pa­tients

Source: PTI

IIASA re­searchers used data from an ear­lier sur­vey cov­er­ing over 42,000 house­holds across In­dia, se­lected us­ing a strat­i­fied ran­dom sam­pling tech­nique

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