A con­flu­ence of 108 Sak­thi Peet Tem­ples

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In the wee hours of Sun­day, we headed to Shree Swarna Ka­mak­shi Tem­ple in Kan­nan­than­gal, a vil­lage 40km away from the city, to wit­ness a one-of-a-kind Maha Kum­babishekam of 108 Sak­thi Peeta Tem­ples, three gop­u­rams, and the raja gop­u­ram, all at the same time. As soon as we took a turn off the Mad­hu­ra­man­galam Road, we no­ticed the tem­ple’s raja gop­u­ram a few me­tres away, decked with gar­land for the rit­ual. “Each of the Sak­thi Peet Devi has a tem­ple ded­i­cated as per the Shilpa Sas­tra, a tem­ple tra­di­tion. This cam­pus is called Man­gala­puri. Come and soak your­self in this di­vine cam­pus,” an­nounced a vol­un­teer. Hordes of vis­i­tors from dif­fer­ent vil­lages from in and around the neigh­bour­hood thronged the venue. “We have come from Sun­gu­var­cha­tram to wit­ness this aus­pi­cious event. Where else can you see all the Sak­this to­gether!” said a 65-year-old Ra­jalak­shmi. Gover­nor of Tamil Nadu Ban­war­i­lal Purohit presided as the chief guest of the event, and the Maha Kum­babishekam took place un­der the pres­ence of Vi­jayen­dra Saraswathi, the 70th Ja­gadguru of Kanchi Ka­makoti Pee­tam. “To­day, in this Man­gala­puri, peo­ple from the city, vil­lages, and devo­tees from other parts of the world have come to­gether to wit­ness the syn­ergy of all Sak­this. It’s not an easy feat to bring 108 Sak­this un­der one roof, but here we are — blessed to see them all in the same cam­pus within 15 min­utes... The cam­pus has been do­ing sev­eral good ser­vices in­clud­ing an­nadanams (free meals), ab­hishekam and sat­sangs. Many such won­der­ful ac­tiv­i­ties are set to hap­pen here,” he said. The tem­ple, the brain­child of Ka­mak­shi Swamiji, has been con­cep­tu­alised in four lay­ers, re­flect­ing the four Pu­rusharthas or hu­man as­pi­ra­tions — Dharma (right­eous life), Artha (wealth), Kama (de­sires) and Mok­sha (lib­er­a­tion). The third level en­com­pass­ing the ‘108 Sak­thi Pee­tam tem­ples’ around the main tem­ple com­menced af­ter 2014. The tem­ple is built en­tirely with rock stones as per Shilpa Sas­tra un­der the su­per­vi­sion of Padma re­cip­i­ent Muthiah Sta­p­athi.

The cam­pus has been giv­ing an­nadanam (free meals), do­ing ab­hishekam and sat­sangs. Many such won­der­ful ac­tiv­i­ties are set to hap­pen here

—Vi­jayen­dra Saraswathi

Z S He­m­anathan

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