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CHENNAI : 6 : 06


06 11z02z2019 MONDAY CHENNAI INTEGRAL COACH FACTORY TENDER NOTICE For and on behalf of President of India, the Chief Workshop Engineer, Furnishing Division, ICF Chennai-600038 invites E-Tender for the following works: Sl. No. Tender Quantity Tender No & Work Description MFPL/169/4000000303/19-20 Dt: 11/02/2019 Works Contract for Carrying out Complete Interior Furnishing Work (Machanical) excluding Side wall Insulation (below Window level), Intercar Gangway & End wall door Arrangement in LWLRRM Coaches. MFPL/169/4000000306/19-20 Dt: 11/02/2019 Works Contract for Fixing of Windows in EMU/DEMU/MEMU Coaches 96 Coaches 1 6000 Numbers 2 6000 Numbers MFPL/169/4000000307/19-20 Dt: 11/02/2019 Works Contract for Fixing of Inner frame for Bus body windows in LHB Non-AC Coaches MFPL/187/220/18-19 Dt: 11/02/2019 Service contract for Hiring of 3 Ton FLT-2 nos (with driver and fuel), 12 assisting VWDႇ IRU SLW OLQH ZRUN DQG DVVRFLDWHG PDWHULDO PRYHPHQW assistance 3 4 300 Days MFPL/187/228/18-19 Dt: 11/02/2019 6HUYLFH FRQWUDFW IRU 2SHUDWLRQ DQG 0DLQWHQDQFH RI (ႉXHQW Treatment Plants and Reverse Osmosis Plant Tender Value Cost of Tender Document 5 24 Months Sl. No. Completion Period Earnest Money Deposit ` ` ` 1 94,50,892.80 1,89,100/- 5,000/- 31.03.2020 31.03.2020 31.03.2020 2 11,92,800/- 23,900/- 2,000/- 3 7,03,500/- 14,100/- 2,000/- 4 43,52,784/- 87,100/- 3,000/- 300 Days 5 13,97,592/- 28,000/- 2,000/- 24 Months Time of Closing of Tender: 14.45 hrs on date: 04.03.2019 for Sl.No. 1 to 5. :HEVLWH IRU 6XEPLVVLRQ RI RႇHU ZZZ LUHSV JRY LQ 3URGXFWLRQ (QJLQHHU 3ODQQLQJ )XUQLVKLQJ ,&) PD\ EH FRQWDFWHG IRU DQ\ &ODUL¿FDWLRQ (Phone No: 044-26146406,26146450) Chief Workshop Engineer/Fur GREEN ICF ! CLEAN ICF ! Mission Directorate Department of H & FW, Govt. of Odisha Annex Building of SIH & FW, Nayapalli, Unit-8, Bhubaneswar-751012 Advt. No: 6/19 Dated: 07 / 02/2019 Request for Proposal (RFP) for Operation & Management of PHC under NHM in partnership mode. 866-E : OSH&FW Society invites application from credible entities registered under Society Registration Act/ Indian Trust Act/ Company Act./ Institutions like Medical colleges/Hospitals run under Public Sector or Govt. for management of 19 Primary Health Centers (PHC) located in remote & inaccessible areas of the State in partnership mode. The list of the PHCs to be managed is available in the RFP document. INTEGRAL COACH FACTORY TENDER NOTICE )RU DQG RQ EHKDOI RI 7KH 3UHVLGHQW RI ,QGLD 7KH 3ULQFLSDO &KLHI (QJLQHHU ,&) &KHQQDL LQYLWHV H WHQGHU IRU WKH IROORZLQJ ZRUNV DV SHU 1RWLFH ,QYLWLQJ 7HQGHU 1,7 LQ RXU SRUWDO ZZZ LUHSV JRY LQ 7KH 7HQGHUHUV &RQWUDFWRUV LQWHQGLQJ WR DSSO\ for the Tender needs to get enrolled in the portal and only online 7HQGHUV ZLOO EH DFFHSWHG 7KH FRVW RI WKH 7HQGHU IRUP DQG WKH (DUQHVW 0RQH\ 'HSRVLW (0' VKRXOG EH PDGH WKURXJK RQOLQH SD\PHQW JDWHZD\ DYDLODEOH LQ WKH ZHEVLWH E\ WKH ZD\ RI 0XOWLSOH %DQNV 1HW %DQNLQJ 'HELW &DUG DQG &UHGLW &DUG Sl. No. Sealed proposals as per the prescribed RFP document are invited from interested eligible bidders for the "Operation and Management of the PHCs" at the identified locations of the districts. The eligibility criteria, the detailed requirement for "Operation & Management of PHCs" and the formats for submission of proposals are set forth in the RFP document which can be downloaded from the website: Interested bidders fulfilling the eligibility criteria may submit their proposal(s) with as set forth in this RFP. If the bidder wishes to apply for more than one PHC they will have to submit separate proposal for each PHC along with EMD and documents as set forth in the RFP in sealed envelope (s) clearly super scribing the name of the PHC on the envelop (s). The bidders have to submit their proposal(s) to the respective District(s) in which they want to apply. The detailed address for submission of proposal at the District (s) is mentioned in the RFP document. EMD Name of works and location Tender No. & documents +RXVHNHHSLQJ DQG KRVSLWDOLW\ VHUYLFHV IRU 2ႈFHUV 5HVW KRXVH DQG 6XERUGLQDWH 5HVW KRXVH DW ,&) EW1010 1 5HSODFLQJ H[LVWLQJ 0HFKDQLFDO YDOYHV ZLWK (OHFWULFDOO\ DFWXDWHG 9DOYHV (OHFWUR 0DJQHWLF ÀRZ PHWUH XOWUDVRXQG ÀRZ PHWHU DQG SURYLGLQJ 6&$'$ IRU $XWRPDWLF ZDWHU GLVWULEXWLRQ VXSSO\ LQ ,&) EW1011 2 3URYLVLRQ RI (SR[\ ÀRRULQJ DW ,&) (VWDWH LQ FRQQHFWLRQ ZLWK &RDFK SURMHFW 3KDVH ,, (: 3 Proposal(s) complete in all respect should reach the District (s) by Speed post or Registered post or courier only on or before The pre bid meeting of the bidders will be held on Venue: Mission Directorate, NHM. Annex Building of SIHFW. Unit-8. Bhubaneswar - 751012. The proposal(s) shall be opened in the concerned district on the date and time mentioned in the RFP. Name of the PHC and the RFP reference no. must be super scribed on the sealed envelope. Incomplete applications/applications received in an open envelop/applications received after the due date/ from the blacklisted NGOs/ Trusts will be summarily rejected. The authority reserves the right for cancellation/ modification of guidelines for selection without assigning any reason thereof. No personal inquiry shall be entertained. $ 7UDQVSRUWDWLRQ RI ZDWHU ZLWKLQ ,&) */5 V % 7UDQVSRUWDWLRQ RI ZDWHU IURP .36 &0:66% WR ,&) */5 V & 7UDQVSRUWDWLRQ RI ZDWHU IURP ,&) ZHOO QHDU /8&$6 796 WR ,&) */5 6 06.03.2019. EW1013 4 18th Feb, 2019, Sl. No. Tender Value (0' &RVW RI 7HQGHU VFKHGXOH 3HULRG RI &RPSOHWLRQ (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) 1 54,01,858/- 1,08,000/2 5,000/2 24 months TRY TO BE A RAINBOW IN SOMEONE’S CLOUD 2,18,97,153/- 2,59,500/3 10,000/3 5 months 5,000/4 9 months 71,11,000/1,42,200/5,000/8 months Date and Time of closing:14:30hrs and opening of tender at 15.00 hrs on: 04.03.19 for Sl.No.1 to 4 1,49,87,500/- 2,24,940/4 Sd/- Mission Director NMH, Odisha 10084/11/0081/1819 National Health Mission (NHM) Odisha State Health & Family Welfare Society

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