515121 elec­tors to vote for Sarpanch Halqas, 419775 for Panch Wards


Vot­ing for PHASE-VIII of Pan­chayat Polls-2018 will be held to­mor­row at 2633 polling sta­tions across the State in­clud­ing 550 in Kash­mir divi­sion and 2083 in Jammu divi­sion. The tim­ing for polling is from 8 am to 2 pm.

Ac­cord­ing to the Chief Elec­toral Of­fi­cer, J&K, Shaleen Kabra, 361polling sta­tions have been cat­e­go­rized as hy­per­sen­si­tive in this Phase in­clud­ing 171 in Kash­mir divi­sion and 190 in Jammu divi­sion.

He said 6304 can­di­dates are in the fray for 331 Sarpanch and 2007 Panch seats in PHASE-VIII, while 43 Sarpanchs and 681 Panchs have been elected un­op­posed in this phase. He said in the ar­eas go­ing to polls in PHASE-VIII, an elec­torate of 515121 will be vot­ing for Sarpanch con­stituen­cies and 419775 for Panch con­stituen­cies. "Photo Voter Slips have been dis­trib­uted among the vot­ers to in­form them of their polling sta­tion," he said. The CEO said at the end of 7 Phases of Pan­chayat Polls, an over­all voter turnout of 73.8% has been recorded across the State, with a poll per­cent­age of 44.4% in the Kash­mir divi­sion and 83.2% in the Jammu divi­sion.

Kabra said in Phase-vi of Pan­chayat Polls held on De­cem­ber 1, over­all poll per­cent­age of 76.9% was wit­nessed across the State in­clud­ing 84.6% in Jammu divi­sion and 17.3% in Kash­mir divi­sion.

He said in Phase-v which went to polls on Novem­ber 29, the State wit­nessed a poll per­cent­age of 71.1% in­clud­ing 33.7% in Kash­mir divi­sion and 85.2% in Jammu divi­sion.

He said in Phase-iv, the state wit­nessed a poll per­cent­age of 71.3%, in­clud­ing 82.4% in Jammu divi­sion and 32.3% in Kash­mir divi­sion. In Phase-iii, the State wit­nessed a poll per­cent­age of 75.2% which in­cludes 55.7% in Kash­mir divi­sion and 83.0% in Jammu divi­sion.

In the Phase-ii of Pan­chayat Polls, over­all 71.1% polling was wit­nessed across the State with 80.4%

polling in Jammu divi­sion and 52.2% in Kash­mir divi­sion.

Sim­i­larly, in the Phase-i of Pan­chayat Polls held on 17 Novem­ber 2018, 74.1% polling was recorded across J&K in­clud­ing 64.5% in Kash­mir divi­sion and 79.4% in Jammu divi­sion.

He said re­sults have been an­nounced for all these Phases by the re­spec­tive Re­turn­ing Of­fi­cers.

The CEO said or­ders have been passed in var­i­ous com­plaint cases as well as direc­tions of the Courts and wher­ever nec­es­sary No­ti­fi­ca­tions, ap­point­ing the elec­tion sched­ules, have been is­sued. "All such or­ders/no­ti­fi­ca­tions are avail­able at web­site of CEO J&K," he said.

Kabra said Ba­sic Min­i­mum Fa­cil­i­ties (BMF) have been en­sured in all the polling sta­tions across the State for PHASE-VIII. Photo Voter Slips have been dis­trib­uted among the vot­ers to in­form them of their polling sta­tions.

He said se­nior gov­ern­ment of­fi­cers have been ap­pointed as Gen­eral Ob­servers to over­see the smooth, fair and or­derly con­duct of Pan­chayat Elec­tions, 2018.

"Also, Ex­pen­di­ture Ob­servers are keep­ing a watch on the ex­pen­di­ture by the can­di­dates. In ad­di­tion, for the poll day, Mi­cro Ob­servers have been placed in polling sta­tions, par­tic­u­larly those con­sid­ered hy­per­sen­si­tive. Be­sides, the Zonal and Sec­tor Mag­is­trates too have been de­ployed" he added.

The CEO said Con­trol Rooms have been es­tab­lished in all the dis­tricts across the State to re­spond promptly to any com­plaints of vi­o­la­tion of the Model Code of Con­duct as also to dis­sem­i­nate in­for­ma­tion to the pub­lic. Se­cu­rity ar­range­ments have been made in­clud­ing de­ploy­ment of Cen­tral Armed Po­lice Forces (CAPF). He said the Gov­ern­ment has de­clared hol­i­day on the day of poll in the Pan­chayat ar­eas go­ing to polls so as to en­able the vot­ers to cast their vote. He said spe­cial ca­sual leave shall also be granted to the em­ploy­ees who have to go to other ar­eas to ex­er­cise their right to fran­chise.

As per stand­ing guide­lines, the Cen­tral Gov­ern­ment of­fices shall not be closed but the em­ploy­ees who are elec­tors of the poll go­ing wards and de­sire to ex­er­cise their fran­chise shall be of­fered rea­son­able fa­cil­ity to do so he added.

The Chief Elec­toral Of­fi­cer ap­pealed the vot­ers to come for­ward and ex­er­cise their right to fran­chise in order to choose their lo­cal self-gov­ern­ment to ad­dress their lo­cal needs.

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