How you keep your Of­fice says a lot about You

How your of­fice looks can speak vol­umes about you. Here are a few ways to do it up

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Your of­fice is the first thing that your clients and other peo­ple who come in to meet you will no­tice, and, trust us, the way your of­fice is done up, can tell a lot about you. Just a ca­sual look around your of­fice can re­veal the kind of per­son you are and also the kind of busi­ness you are into. A cold and un­invit­ing of­fice will project the im­age of a busi­ness dif­fi­cult to re­late to. An of­fice that is too warm and friendly ap­pear­ing, will prob­a­bly tear down any re­sis­tance to do busi­ness that a client may have.

Some of­fices are so cold (we are not talk­ing about the tem­per­a­ture here) that you just want to bolt from there at the first chance you get. There is such a lack of 'per­son­al­ity' in some of­fices that you are left won­der­ing about the own­ers per­son­al­ity (and prob­a­bly the lack of it!). For an of­fice, start­ing from the en­try point to the lobby, dec­o­rat­ing must be ex­e­cuted care­fully.

You have to keep in mind that you never re­ally get a se­cond chance to make a first im­pres­sion. A com­fort­able, wel­com­ing of­fice says 'suc­cess­ful' and that at­tracts more clients!. Also, your em­ploy­ees will per­form far bet­ter if given com­fort­able sur­round­ings.

You are wel­come

The en­trance to any of­fice makes a huge im­pact. The re­cep­tion and meet­ing ar­eas have to re­flect the phi­los­o­phy and work ethics of the or­gan­i­sa­tion in terms of de­sign, graph­ics and colours. These are ar­eas which will be most vis­i­ble to clients and vis­i­tors.

Make the best use of space

Since the prices for com­mer­cial real es­tate are not get­ting any cheaper, and be­cause many com­pa­nies pay for of­fice space by the square foot, they're look­ing to max­imise the space they can af­ford. Whether you're stuffed in­side a tiny cu­bi­cle or in a home where a walk-in closet is the only avail­able space to con­vert to an of­fice, there are ways to deal with small work spa­ces and make them liv­able and work­able. Lot of space-sav­ing ac­ces­sories for fur­ni­ture sys­tems and of­fices have been in­vented such as lit­er­a­ture wall racks, wire rack shelv­ing, copy hold­ers that at­tach to the side of a com­puter mon­i­tor rather a copy stand that takes up desk space, small d rawe r sys­tems, and shelf ac­ces­sories to hold small tools and sup­plies. Ver­ti­cal space is im­por­tant on shelves too. Ad­justable shelves are great for us­ing this wasted space, but you can also find ac­ces­sories for fixed shelves that help ac­com­plish the sam e goal.

Al­low free move­ment

Sep­a­rate work­sta­tions are the order of the day. If you have a lot of em­ploy­ees work­ing for you, then you have to con­sider this. Work spa­ces/ work­sta­tions need to be well spaced out, to al­low free move­ment, pro­vide pri­vacy and give the of­fice.

Go­ing mod­u­lar is the idea

This kind of ready-made fur­ni­ture that can be in­stalled within a mat­ter of a few hours has made set­ting up of an of­fice a lot eas­ier. Mod­u­lar fur­ni­ture not only works best but it also saves space and gives a very well- co­or­di­nated look. It can be cus­tomised to meet space, stor­age and colour scheme re­quire­ments of the or­gan­i­sa­tion. Er­gonomic chairs pro­vide com­fort for long use.

Colour code it to get the look

In terms of colour schemes, fur­ni­ture can be in neu­tral colours with one or two high­light ( bright) colours in the up­hol­stery, cur­tains, soft boards etc.

The right light works best

Proper light­ing is di­rectly pro­por­tion­ate to pro­duc­tiv­ity in an of­fice. Lights are ex­tremely im­por­tant in ev­ery of­fice and you should not ne­glect good light­ing! Well-lit places are al­ways more invit­ing and are a de­light to work in. Over­all light­ing needs to be ad­e­quately bright. It is al­ways best to make max­i­mum use of nat­u­ral day­light with ad­di­tional fo­cus light­ing on work tops.

Be safe and sound al­ways

Safety is im­por­tant in all of­fices — big or small, since there are a lot of peo­ple in­volved. If you have a large of­fice with a con­sid­er­able foot­fall ev­ery day then you need to ex­tra care­ful about this. So, mea­sures like emer­gency ex­its, au­to­matic wa­ter sprays in case of fire ac­ci­dents; fire ex­tin­guisher and alarms should be adopted in the de­sign­ing stage of the build­ing it­self.

A hang-out zone is es­sen­tial

Cafe­te­rias, hang out spa­ces can be more in­for­mal and specif­i­cally cre­ated for the em­ploy­ees. If your of­fice area is not spa­cious enough for a cafe­te­ria, then a lit­tle kitch­enette should be ar­ranged for that has an elec­tric ket­tle, a cof­fee dis­penser, a mi­crowave, a cold wa­ter dis­penser etc. Pot­ted plants, false or real, can be placed all around to make the area look ap­peal­ing.

Go into the auto mode

These days it is im­por­tant to save as much en­erg y as pos­si­ble. Au­to­ma­tion in terms of mo­tion sen­sors for lights and air­con­di­tion­ing etc in var­i­ous zones leads to con­ser­va­tion of en­ergy.

Points to keep in mind

-Ba­sic re­quire­ments: a com­puter work­sta­tion, an er­gonom­i­cal ly cor­rect desk chair, and both am­bi­ent and task light­ing. - Floor­ing and walls should cre­ate an at­mos­phere of ease. -A pot­ted plant here and there, should char­ac­terise the space. - There is al­ways room for art and ob­ject d' arts. -Place pho­tos on your desk to re­mind your­self of all the rea­sons you work so hard. -Win­dows should be draped with cur­tains or blinds. -Floors in of­fices should be no fuss — mar­ble and wooden floors make a lot of sense. -Ev­ery­thing you need should be within com­fort­able arm's reach. -Fi­nally, don't for­get to give your of­fice a feel­ing of co­zi­ness.

An ex­am­ple

Your of­fice need not al­ways be all too of­fi­cial, at all. Pri­tish Nandy's Na­ri­man Point of­fice has no stereo­types, no fixed pat­terns, and Pri­tish agrees with an enig­matic smile, "My in­con­sis­tency is my strength, it makes me who I am." One en­tire wall in his of­fice has been ded­i­cated to the fam­ily — cutouts of ar­ti­cles that have been pub­lished on him and his fam­ily. The wall is adorned with ar­ti­cles and pic­tures. "I love this wall," smiles the man who is a syn­onym for the word mul­ti­fac­eted — writer, poet, painter, jour­nal­ist, pho­tog­ra­pher, busi­ness­man. Nandy says, "I be­lieve that a place of work should have an iden­tity," and we have to agree on that — his def­i­nitely has a very strong one.

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