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' ' ! + 0 ( " 1 2 ! 9 9 " A + " - # 7 ! "# $ ! " # " ! ?) - 9 : 9 "@ # ; " # ! ?6 9 + : "@ ! ?# "@ ! 1$ % 7 I t was back in 1873 when two visionary migrants conceptualised what has now become the ultimate and the most popular apparel on earth — blue denim. Since then jeans have never gone out of style, rather have become a part of our fashion comfort, utility and sensibility. It is definitely the most chosen garment ever since. What is better than to experiment with new styles this season while giving a new twist to the old. Take your pick from skinny, straight fit, bootleg, two-toned, flared, carrot or embroidered as all of these styles have a fresh spin on denim apparel and deserve a dedicated space in your wardrobe. Narendra Kumar, creative director at Amazon Fashion gives us the low-down on all things denim this year and the ways in which they are worn best. Created by David Gelb, this Emmy-nominated series will feature culinary stars from around the world who will be redefining gourmet food with innovative dishes and tantalising desserts. The show will bring four new, talented chefs, Mashama Bailey, Sean Brock, Asma Khan, and Dario Cecchini. The series is slated to release on February 22 on Netflix. %& & '( CARROT The carrot cut is loose at the top and fitted at the calves. They are slimfits, but not skinny. Easy to maintain and providing an ease of movement, these denims look best when paired with a pair of sneakers and a hoodie. Directed by National Award-winning director Aruna Raje, the film touches upon the concept of modern day relationships and their complexities. It showcases the story of a successful lawyer and a sexual assault survivor played by Usha Jadhav, who manages to strike a balance between her personal and professional life while she deals with PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). Besides Usha Jadhav, the film also stars many Marathi actors such as Girish Kulkarni, Sachin Khedekar and Rajeshwari Sachdev in pivotal roles. It is set to premiere on Netflix on February 22. ZERO GRAVITY larity charts steadily this season. A good pair of high-waist jeans can add length and grace to the look. These edgy jeans can be worn with a crop top or a plaid shirt. The recommended style is Only women’s high-waist jeans. mended styles are Spykar men’s skinny fit jeans and Levis women’s skinny fit jeans. While other categories still remind of some things vintage, one of the new comforts that are for the season and very well matched with the style statement are ‘zero-gravity’ denims. These Numero Uno’s jeans are made for people who want to look stylish and at the same time they want the comfort of chinos as they want to feel easy. The weightless element makes them super comfortable. Its material is light-weight, cool and quick dry. You can pair them with your semiformals and hit the office or mix it with linen blend shirts for hitting the club in the evening. There are of course some styles which are timeless and can never go out of fashion. & % ' ! #( )' ' * * ( )' ! + % ' + #+ + # ( , ! ' # ' ' * - ! ( # # * ! % %( .+ ' #* ' ! % () STRAIGHT-FIT This is a well-proportionate style of jeans, which doesn’t emphasise on any particular part of the body. Crafted for comfort, a straight fit is the perfect combination of style and ease. However, plain and assuming you think they are, they form the backbone of your outfit. Pair these jeans with a pair of loafers for that added zing. Some of the recommended styles are Wrangler men’s straight fit jeans and United Colors of Benetton women’s straight fit jeans. ) ' * !'+ ,!" !#- # . ! #A% & )# &<# ! 5))!% # #A% #), = ##% # #A% & 57%!" #A%6 % !5 := #! -<# )# !; 6" % !6 #) # #A%!% % ! 5)); -%!# DA% , % D #A , )= ! % ;% ! A)) % STRAIGHT FLARE Flared jeans are great if you’re looking for an interesting twist on classic denims. These jeans are tight-fitted around the thighs and flare from the knees down. The flare can be subtle or exaggerated depending on one’s style. Tuck in your t-shirt or tank top and add a light jacket to complete the outfit. The recommended styles for straight-flared jeans are Vero Moda women and United Colors of Benetton women. BOOTLEG Bootleg jeans are slender at the top and flared at the bottom. This versatile pair can be worn in a number of ways, for instance, paired with a blazer or a simple V-neck blouse. These denims elongate the legs and hug the torso. This style screams retro. Recommended styles are from Wrangler men’s and women’s bootcut jeans. TWO-TONED Patchwork denim is back and how. Instead of choosing between a lighter or darker shade, one can pick the best of both worlds. Usually marked with two different washes on the front and back or two different types of denim sewn together, these jeans look best when paired with a simple t-shirt. UCB women’s two-toned jeans is the recommended style here. SKIN-FIT A snug fitting jeans highlights your calves and thighs. A pair of skinnies is a staple in the wardrobe as it is both flattering and timeless while being available in a wide range of sizes, colours and washes. Pair it with a cardigan top and pumps to make a style statement. Some of the recom- The stand-up comedy was filmed at Pasadena, California’s Ice House Comedy Club, where Ken Jeong made a debut in comedy. The show traces his journey from being a doctor to a TV and film star, showcases his wife’s courageous battle with breast cancer and how the series of events led him to star in one of the biggest comedy franchises of all time, The show releases on February 14 on / * ! " A 9 ! HIGH-WAIST The They have been climbing the popu- Hangover. Netflix. 34 $ 5 9 9 " 9 ! " ? +9 " + " + " 9 7 ' ( @ ! " C While the benefits of technology for law enforcement agencies in fighting crime and identifying missing people and also for the industry for business purposes cannot be denied, it is the misuse of the technology that can put the citizens of the country in trouble. “The first casualty of the absence of regulatory framework for facial recognition technology is people’s right to privacy,” Duggal said. “In India, there is no framework to regulate the storage of facial recognition data. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the situation and they are making such data available on the Dark Net,” he added. Some of the major technology giants including Microsoft and Amazon also agree that there is a need for governments to regulate this technology. In a blog post in December 2018, Microsoft president Brad Smith pointed out that certain uses of this technology can increase the risk of biased decisions and outcomes, intrusions into people’s privacy and also encroach on democratic freedoms if it is used for mass surveillance. While defending its own facial recognition technology Rekognition, saying there has been not a single report of its misuse by law enforcement, Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently said it also supports the creation of a legislative framework covering facial recognition through video and photographic monitoring on public or commercial premises. “In India, the law has not been able to protect the citizen,” he said, adding that self-regulation of facial recognition will not be effective. The quicker we are able to provide effective legal mechanism to regulate facial recognition technology, better it is for the country and its citizens,” Duggal added. $ $ $ % , B

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