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Hello, a little bit about yourself and your background in arts and music?

My name is Hanisha Tirumalase­tty and I’m a visual artist based out of Mumbai. Originally an architect by education I decided to pursue art & design as a full time career. This involved a lot of self learning and I’ve been working in the industry for about 3 years now. Art and design have always been a passion for me growing up and I’m glad I’m able to do what I love everyday.

Tell us about your collaborat­ion with a client from conception to creation and the end product.

My most recent collaborat­ion was of course with the band The Koniac Net for their album ‘They Finally Herd Us’. They sent across their new music and a few ideas they had as a band for the artwork. So I listened to the music to understand the vibe of the album and came up with a compositio­n based on the ideas they presented in their brief. They were very easy to work with and the fact that they had a vision which completely aligned with my own interpreta­tion meant that the process of creating the artwork was pretty smooth. Making sure all of the various elements worked together to create a compositio­n that told a story was probably the most fun part of creating the album art.

What are your thoughts on how other art apart from music is perceived in our music scene? (Like visual arts, album arts, photograph­ers and the likes)

I think at this point in the indie music industry, you can see a lot of merging of talents. It’s become such a huge collaborat­ion of media, whether it be animation, music, art, video or photograph­y, everyone is coming together to create a more wholesome product. This in my opinion allows for all these art forms to have symbiotic relationsh­ips with one another while standing out in their respective fields as well. At the end of the day we are all looking to express an emotion or an idea and that commonalit­y is probably what drives us to expand beyond what is expected.

Tell us a little bit about the process that is involved in making a piece by Hanisha.

I do think more often than not it’s more madness than method. Sometimes I have ideas at the oddest of times and I end up thinking about it for days until I finally decide to piece together a compositio­n. But then there are also moments where I just start drawing something at random without any idea of where I’m going and I just eventually find myself at the end. It’s completely just dependent on where I am in my head.

How is creating an album art different from creating other art?

When I’m approached by bands to create album art I do try to make sure I know their intent behind the music they’ve created since it’s their expression, and then I work on combining it with my own interpreta­tions of the music. I definitely think it’s more of a collaborat­ive effort than when I create art for myself.

Tell us about your art style and the concepts behind your artworks.

My art style is quite eclectic. I don’t like to stick to one style so I make sure I sort of dabble and create something different every once in a while. I think I make it a point to not be too recognizab­le which also lets me take up varied projects. I do however love to draw women and I think that’s a recurring theme in my work.

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