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WORK-LIFE BAL­ANCE: it is just good plan­ning. If you plan well, you will find it. IS RAY­MOND A FAM­ILY-OWNED BUSI­NESS OR A PRO­FES­SION­ALLY RUN COM­PANY: it is a fam­ily-man­aged, pro­fes­sion­ally run com­pany. RE­SOLV­ING CON­FLICTS: through dis­cus­sions. MEN­TORS: I learn some­thing from ev­ery­body, ev­ery­day. FAIL­URES AND LESSONS LEARNT: lots of fail­ures, ev­ery­one has them. Mak­ing a mis­take is not wrong, but not learn­ing from it is. A BUSI­NESS QUOTE THAT YOU LIVE BY OR FOL­LOW: when in busi­ness, make money.

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