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Eaves­drop­ping on con­sumers’ so­cial-me­dia chat­ter al­lows mar­keters to eco­nom­i­cally and reg­u­larly peer in­side peo­ple’s lives as they are be­ing lived, with­out in­tro­duc­ing bi­ases through di­rect in­ter­ac­tion. Armed with traces of re­vealed opin­ions and be­hav­iors, man­agers can, at last, dis­cover the man­i­fes­ta­tions and rip­ple ef­fects of their ac­tions on con­sumer be­hav­ior... So­cial lis­ten­ing com­pe­tency will be crit­i­cal to com­pet­i­tive ad­van­tage in the dig­i­tal age*. And it is mar­keters, more than any­one else, who should pay heed.

Ev­ery­body in mar­ket­ing knows that so­cial me­dia has be­come vi­tally im­por­tant for ad­ver­tis­ing and mar­ket­ing messages. What many fail to re­al­ize is that so­cial me­dia is not just an­other plat­form or medium. It is now the sin­gle most im­por­tant medium in mar­ket­ing, a medium that has trans­formed how we mea­sure suc­cess in all me­dia. It is piv­otal. To­day, if you run a tele­vi­sion cam­paign and it does not gen­er­ate so­cial me­dia com­ment and shar­ing, then it has failed, no mat­ter how many eye­balls you have reached or how ef­fi­ciently you have reached them. Out­door? Ra­dio? Print? All the same. Job num­ber one for any mar­keter in 2017 is to gen­er­ate so­cial buzz via so­cial me­dia plat­forms.

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