Le­git­imiz­ing process in­ca­pa­bil­ity

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On one of my monthly vis­its to the head of­fice of a tele­vi­sion man­u­fac­turer, the Chair­man was a wor­ried man. No. Cor­rec­tion. He was in a state of shock. He pur­pose­fully took me to his plush Chair­mans’ Of­fice, and shared a dev­as­tat­ing qual­ity les­son he had learned the pre­vi­ous day. From a po­ten­tial Korean mega buyer of color tele­vi­sions.

Two Kore­ans had ar­rived in his of­fice at the dot of 8 am. They had no time to sit in the Chair­man’s Of­fice; re­fused the Chair­man’s cour­tesy of a cup of tea; went straight to the shop floor.

These two Kore­ans walked the shop floor, mak­ing notes in their pic­toral script. They whis­pered to each other, at reg­u­lar fre­quency over a four-hour walk.

At noon, they fi­nally had a meet­ing with the Chair­man at his of­fice.

“Why do you paint your machin­ery grey?” was the first ques­tion.

“Why do you have in­com­ing in­ven­tory? And work-in- progress in­ven­tory? And fin­ished goods in­ven­tory?” More: “How many in­spec­tors do you have?”

Even more: “How many af­ter-sales-ser­vice en­gi­neers do you have?”

The Chair­man con­fessed that he had fum­bled with his an­swers.

the con­clud­ing re­marks of the Kore­ans were: lessons learned

01 02

03 04

05 “Re­spected Sir, we paint our machin­ery white to sen­si­tize the work­ers for de­tect­ing er­rors. Also, we see strong cor­re­la­tion be­tween in­ven­tory and process in­ca­pa­bil­ity. Fur­ther, your army of in­spec­tors re­in­forces weak process ca­pa­bil­ity. Fi­nally, your large af­ter­sa­lesser­vice depart­ment leads us to ask: Is your prod­uct so un­re­li­able and bad?”

“Our ad­vice to you Sir is that you im­prove your pro­cesses and thereby re­duce your costs. We would not like to pay for your chronic prob­lems.” large buy­ers pur­chase ‘process ca­pa­bil­ity’ global buy­ers give ‘prod­uct re­li­a­bil­ity’ high weigh­tage in their pur­chase de­ci­sions light color machin­ery cre­ates a cli­mate for qual­ity work in­ven­tory in a fac­tory is a red flag an­nounc­ing process in­ca­pa­bil­ity process in­ca­pa­bil­ity is le­git­imized in the bud­get: in­ven­tory costs, in­spec­tors, after­sales-ser­vice en­gi­neers ■

Global buy­ers give ‘prod­uct re­li­a­bil­ity’ high weigh­tage in their pur­chase de­ci­sions.

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