mas­ter growth hack­ing: the best kept se­cret of new-age In­dian start-ups

The Smart Manager - - Reading Room - By apurva chamaria and gau­rav kakkar

Agrowth hacker is some­one who has thrown out the play­book of tra­di­tional mar­ket­ing and re­placed it with only what is testable, track­able and scal­able. Their tools are emails, pay-per-click ads, blogs and plat­form APIs in­stead of com­mer­cials, pub­lic­ity and money.’ — Ryan Hol­i­day

SEM, SEO, email mar­ket­ing and so­cial me­dia chan­nels help in bring­ing traf­fic to dig­i­tal prop­er­ties, but what can be done dif­fer­ently to ac­quire users ex­po­nen­tially, with min­i­mal spend on th­ese chan­nels? The an­swer lies in hid­den growth hack­ing tech­niques to grow the user base, and this in­volves analysing, ex­per­i­ment­ing with, op­ti­miz­ing and mea­sur­ing var­i­ous mar­ket­ing tech­niques. Some of the im­por­tant things to fo­cus on are:

■ Growth hack­ing us­ing SEM

■ Growth hack­ing us­ing SEO

■ Growth hack­ing us­ing email mar­ket­ing

■ Growth hack­ing us­ing so­cial me­dia

■ Growth hack­ing us­ing con­tent mar­ket­ing

Get­ting an ac­tive user base and keep­ing the users en­gaged is a key chal­lenge mar­keters en­counter ev­ery day. Tony and Ray have man­aged to build an en­gaged com­mu­nity of ac­tive par­tic­i­pants. We know what they did, but let’s fo­cus on how they did it. On closer ex­am­i­na­tion, it is re­vealed that their ap­proach was not ex­tra­or­di­nary. How­ever, the way they brought dif­fer­ent tac­tics to­gether and ex­e­cuted them, keep­ing a close eye on re­sponses and de­ploy­ing per­ti­nent course cor­rec­tion wher­ever re­quired, made a huge dif­fer­ence. SEM, SEO, email mar­ket­ing and lever­ag­ing so­cial me­dia for greater con­nect and sus­tained di­a­logue are well-known tech­niques. How­ever, get­ting th­ese tech­niques to de­liver the de­sired re­sults is an art that few have mas­tered. Let’s see how art and science blend in def­i­nite hacks to at­tract, on­board, en­gage and re­tain an ac­tive user base.

growth hack­ing us­ing SEM

Search En­gine Mar­ket­ing (SEM) is ex­ten­sively used in cre­at­ing vis­i­bil­ity and at­tract­ing vis­i­tors to a web­site. In­vest­ments in SEM tech­niques have shown a dis­tinct rise year on year as more and more com­pa­nies, even mom-and-pop ven­tures, use SEM. In 2018, SEM con­tin­ued to cap­ture the largest share of on­line spend by com­pa­nies, and the av­er­age firm was ex­pected to al­lo­cate 41 per cent of their mar­ket­ing bud­get to­wards on­line mar­ket­ing.


Sam­ple this: in the United States, more than US$18 bil­lion was spent

Apurva Chamaria and Gau­rav Kakkar Pen­guin Ran­dom House In­dia 2018, 307 pgs, Hard­cover

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