The Smart Manager : 2019-02-12

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Cover Story

12 www. The Smart Manager Jan- Feb 2019 it pays to listen A team derives strength from the interactions of its members—the degree of fluidity in their communication and the understanding they have of each other. What then is the ideal framework that builds such an environment? Undoubtedly, empathy, and listening skills that bolster it. T eams are where business is done. Whether it is a team within one department, an interdepartmental group, or a team that includes outside parties such as contractors or clients, it is people working together that creates success. Yet, not all teams are effective. Some groups seem to gel and work together effortlessly, whereas for others, strife and struggle seem to be the norm, with work more important, how can you and your employees learn to create teams that crystallize to a group of people who work well together to create outstanding outcomes. After all, this is in the realm of business, where results matter. While many approaches focus on how to set objectives and reach them, improved interpersonal skills ensure that these approaches can live up to their maximum potential. soft skills are the key as ‘soft skills’. Though this term implies a devaluing of these skills, in fact, leaders recognize that soft skills are important. As many as three-quarters of business leaders think that these skills are even more Ike Lasater is a mediator, trainer, and speaker. He has co-developed a yearlong immersion training program based on non-violent communication that is now offered in six countries.

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