The Smart Manager : 2019-02-12

It Pays To Listen Lasater : 18 : 16

It Pays To Listen Lasater

it pays to listen Lasater ■ 16 The Smart Manager Jan- Feb 2019 When a person is able to identify the need that is motivating them, they open up a doorway of communication to others and parts of themselves that they may be in conflict with. Sections of this article have been adapted from Collaborating in the Workplace: A Guide for Building Better Teams, which will be published by PuddleDancer Press in March, 2019 My suggestion is that you and your team members practise the listening exercise exercise nearly every week with a practise partner for years. They are not doing this practise to learn. They are doing this practise because of the intrinsic satisfaction they get from listening and being listened to in this way. As a manager, you and your team need to possess skills particular to your profession, and others related to time management and various contemporary techniques intended to improve self-management and management of others. The type your teams to reach solutions more quickly, solutions that prove to be not only superior, for your business.

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