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A Much- Needed Leadership Skill Kozicki : 28 : 26

A Much- Needed Leadership Skill Kozicki

26 www. The Smart Manager Jan- Feb 2019 uman resource professionals are known to develop very articulate management competencies descriptions. They classify them in core competencies, functional certain company at a given point in time. In my career that spans over thirty years across many countries, I have yet to see the mention of listening as a core managerial competence. This, in spite of the fact that listening is not only a core competency of people managers, but also their responsibility, though not appearing in any job description. Managers who listen to their employees are in a much better position to lead the diverse and multi-generational workforces that are found today, particular in international companies, but increasingly in local ones as well. Several studies over the decades have estimated that we spend anywhere from a third to half our time listening, though we do not seem to remember much. Way back in 1957, researchers found2 that listeners only remembered about half of what they had heard immediately after devices all around us, the distractions have only increased, and there is nothing to suggest that this statistic has improved over time. a thumb rule Listening, an important life skill, is crucial in communicating and building one’s business. It is a skill that defines competence and should be given more importance by leaders. H 1 Stefano Pelle is Managing Director of Ferrero for the Indian sub-continent and author of three books, including Understanding Emerging Markets. In 2006, he received the high award of Knight Commander from the President of Italy.

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