The Smart Manager : 2019-02-12

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Top-of-the-line management ideas... VO L U M E 5 7 I S S U E 12 PAG E S 9 2 r60 DECEMBER 2018 IS IT THE PERFECT EXPANSION MODEL? Michael A Peterson, Franchise Beacon VO L U M E 5 7 I S S U E 11 PAG E S 9 2 r60 NOVEMBER 2018 PROS AND CONS CAN MIDDLE MANAGERS CHANGE THE GAME? Rick Grossmann, author, VO L U M E 5 7 I S S U E 10 PAG E S 9 2 r60 OCTOBER 2018 Franchise Bible 8th Edition INTRAPRENEU UNLEASHING THE POWER OF CREATIVI STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE Muniinder K Anand, Center for Creative Leadership A SURVIVAL KIT John Colley, Warwick Business School FRANCHISING RAJESH PANDIT Fostering an intrapreneurial culture MIDDLE GROUND Dr Debashish Sengupta, Alliance University GIB BULLOCH Importance of social intrapreneurs in unlocking value LOST TRIBE? Walter Vieira, marketing consultant KEVIN C DESOUZA A STRATEGIC TOOL FOR GROWTH Promoting disciplined disruption from within MAGGIE DE PREE Making innovation open to all GARY PEACOCK Need to embrace intrapreneurship At a price that protects your bottom line Get upto 45% discount on Indian Management. Global ideas and insights. Latest trends, opinion and practices. Innovative thinking from international gurus. In-depth case studies and more. Backed by the prestigious All India Management Association, it’s what leaders in India read to succeed. Hurry, limited period offer. Send in the coupon below today. I WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO INDIAN MANAGEMENT... HERE’S MY ORDER! R You Pay Discount Cover Price Tick Term Issues 2280 1255 1025 (45%) 3 Years 36 r r r 1520 910 610 (40%) 2 Years 24 r r r 760 495 265 (35%) 1 Year 12 r r r “Spenta Multimedia Private Limited”. (Please ensure DD is payable in Mumbai.) Terms & Conditions: Rates & offer are valid in India only, and for limited period. Offer closing will be announced by Spenta Multimedia Pvt Ltd. Kindly allow 30 days for delivery of first subscription copy. Spenta Multimedia Pvt Ltd reserves all right to extend, cancel or discontinue the offer or any part thereof without giving any reason or prior notice. Details of same will however be published later in Indian Management. Disputes, if any, will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts in Mumbai only. Terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time. Subscription copies will be delivered by ordinary post as soon as issue is released in marketplace. Spenta Multimedia Pvt Ltd is not responsible for postal delay, transit loss or mutilation of copies. Offer is non-refundable and cannot be combined with any other offer. A Digital version of Indian Management is available on | | | | | |

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