The Smart Manager : 2019-02-12

A Thumb Rule Pelle : 30 : 28

A Thumb Rule Pelle

a thumb rule Pelle ■ Leaders can be better listeners by consciously creating ‘safe zones’ for speakers that make them feel their ideas are valued and taken seriously. Listening is an Overlooked Leadership Tool, HBR 01 02 by Melissa Daimler, May 25, 2016, on 28 The Smart Manager Jan- Feb 2019 to my recommendations. This is not rare when working far from the headquarter and handling geographical areas with which the company’s top management or shareholders are not familiar. However, with persistence and the right supporting evidences, I was many a time able to convince the HQ to listen to the local suggestions and allow us to proceed as per our inputs. Like listening, persuasion is also a skill than can be practised and learned, and starts by having a thorough understanding of the people we want to convince. And to understand them, we would have needed to carefully listen to them.

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