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De­spite be­ing cold shoul­dered by the BSP in the com­ing state elec­tions, the Congress is in an up­beat mood. One rea­son for this is that re­cent opin­ion polls are giv­ing the party the edge in not just Ra­jasthan but Mad­hya Pradesh as well. The fact that Rahul’s ral­lies are draw­ing de­cent crowds has also boosted party morale. This was one of the con­sid­er­a­tions be­fore the party when it con­sid­ered Mayawati’s rather size­able de­mand for seats, more so when the BSP has not been able to con­vert its vote-bank in the state into a size­able chunk of seats in the past. The view within the party is also that if the Congress ends up giv­ing in to the al­lies’ de­mands in states where it is the big­ger player, then it will have lit­tle bar­gain­ing clout in states like Ut­tar Pradesh where it’s a lesser player.


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