How man loses out in life

The Sunday Guardian - - & Comment Analysis - By Maulana Wahidud­din Khan

The present world is a pre­view of the Here­after. Here, a per­son re­ceives in em­bry­onic form the joys and bless­ings which God has made fully avail­able in the world to come. This is so that he may see the in­fi­nite joys of eter­nity in the guise of the in­com­plete bless­ings of this world—so that he may see one drop of wa­ter, and re­al­ize that it is in­dica­tive of a vast ocean be­yond.

One who un­der­stands the true na­ture of this world will look be­yond the ephemeral plea­sures of this world to the eter­nal joys of the Here­after. Only one who does not see the world in its true light will set store in it, mak­ing it his ul­ti­mate goal in­stead of the Here­after.

The sun shines in or­der to ac­quaint man with the ra­di­ance of the af­ter-life. Flow­ers and trees blos­som in or­der to re­mind one of the beauty of God’s’ eter­nal world.

The plea­sures of this world should serve to in­crease one’s long­ing for the world to come; but of­ten one be­comes so en­grossed in them that one fails to even think of the in­fin­itely greater joys of the Here­after.

One who is se­duced by the al­lur­ing plea­sures of this world loses out on the next world. What an­guish and de­spair he will feel when he reaches that world, and be­holds the eter­nal bless­ings which it has to of­fer.

He will re­al­ize then his fool­ish­ness. “This,” he will cry out, “is the true life. Earthly life has no re­al­ity now. But I have lost eter­nal life for the sake of the tran­si­tional bless­ings of the world.

I have for­feited true and last­ing bliss – all for the sake of plea­sures which did not en­dure. In seek­ing free­dom on earth, where there was no free­dom to be found, I lost the true free­dom that is to be had now.” www.cps­

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