China launches lu­nar probe to studY moon’s far side

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BEI­JING: China launched a lu­nar probe on Satur­day which is ex­pected to make the first-ever soft land­ing on the far side of the moon.

A Long March-3B rocket, car­ry­ing the Chang’e-4 probe in­clud­ing a lan­der and a rover, blasted off from the Xichang Satel­lite Launch Cen­tre in Sichuan prov­ince at 2.23 a.m. Since the moon’s rev­o­lu­tion cy­cle is the same as its ro­ta­tion cy­cle, the same side al­ways faces the earth.

The other face, most of which can­not be seen from earth, is called the far side or dark side, not be­cause it’s dark, but be­cause most of it re­mains un­known.

The Chang’e-4 mis­sion will be a key step in re­veal­ing the mys­te­ri­ous far side of the moon.

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