Kr­ishna, the but­ter thief

The Sunday Guardian - - & COMMENT ANALYSIS - By Prarthna Saran

“But Mom, why should I wor­ship Kr­ishna? Wasn’t he a thief ?”

Yes, Kr­ishna stole, but he was not a thief. Did he steal money, jew­ellery or prop­erty? Think! A play­ful fun lov­ing boy, tiptoeing to steal but­ter from the houses of other friends who helped him do it! When you ,as a kid ,stole cook­ies from a jar your mother had hid­den from you, or mis­chie­vously plucked a guava from the or­chard of a friend , was it thiev­ing? The cowherds from whose homes Kr­ishna stole the but­ter, were of­ten his ac­com­plices. They not only in­formed him where their mother had hid­den the but­ter, but se­cretly opened the doors for him to en­ter and also bent over to be­come a step lad­der for Kr­ishna to reach the trea­sure!

For the gopies it was a play­ful hide and seek game. They feigned an­noy­ance, but se­cretly longed for their Kr­ishna to steal from them so that they could catch him! When the thief and the one who is thieved ,both revel in the game, can it be called thiev­ing ?

When the milk­maid (in­di­vid­u­al­ity) churns her thoughts in the milky white bo­som of her pure mind, then the essence(but­ter) rises up.

Thus el­e­vated, it is safely stored high. When the seeker calls out “Hare Kr­ishna” (loot me Kr­ishna), he hur­ries to the spot. He not only searches for such a devo­tee but to­tally con­sumes his pure of­fer­ing, merg­ing the devo­tee’s in­di­vid­u­al­ity in him­self.

Navneet, (but­ter) is the essence that arises as a re­sult of deep manan (con­tem­pla­tive churn­ing of thoughts) in the pure white milk of the seek­ers mind.

This pure mind alone is dear to Kr­ishna. “Such a devo­tee is dear to me “he says in the Geeta. Thus in the merger of but­ter with Kr­ishna, the Atma be­comes Para­matma.

Prarthna Saran, Pres­i­dent Chin­maya Mission New Delhi. Email: prarth­[email protected]

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