The Times of India (Mumbai edition) : 2019-02-11

TIMES NATION : 11 : 11


CCI NG 3.7 TOIMumbaiBS 11−02−2019 MumbaiCity 1 TOIMBT1 neha.singh 02−10−2019 23:49 CMYK Product: PubDate: Zone: Edition: Page: User: Time: Color: 11 TIMES NATION THE TIMES OF INDIA, MUMBAI MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 TROUBLE IN 2100 2.1°C rise across 2.7°C rise across 50% 33% 64% 3/4th of glaciers lost reduction in glaciers of glaciers lost of glaciers gone in eastern Himalayas in eastern Himalayas East Loss, West Gain Impacts of melting glaciers River flows may rise and then fall, increase natural hazards SURPRISE FINDING: ➤ Glaciers in western Himalayas (J&K, Himachal, Uttarakhand) may grow due to higher snowfall High uncertainty over water availability, potentially impacting up to 2 billion people ➤ Greater risk of glacial lakes bursting, unleashing lethal floods ➤ CHHATTISGARH LAGS FAR BEHIND Bijapur 10,254 Sukma 6,943 Udaipur: Narayanpur 2,250 Source: Saubhagya dashboard 687 Dantewada

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