One up on crime: How cops foiled de­signs of this killer out on pa­role

Con­vict Planned To Bump Off El­derly Cou­ple, Mur­der Wit­ness Be­fore Re­turn­ing To Jail

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New Delhi: It was al­most the per­fect plot. A con­tract killer out on a sev­en­day pa­role was to both mur­der an el­derly cou­ple to rob them and elim­i­nate amur­der case wit­ness. The two crimes were to be com­mit­ted on the last day of his pa­role and the killer was to re­turn to jail leav­ing be­hind two blind cases.

It turned out not to be so per­fect be­cause the Spe­cial Cell of Delhi Po­lice was covertly keep­ing an eye on 27-year-old Om­bir Singh from the mo­ment he stepped out of jail. The cops were also track­ing his phone calls. Their ac­tions saved the lives of the would-be vic­tims, the 75-year-old owner of a phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal firm and his 70-yearold wife, res­i­dents of cen­tral Delhi.

Po­lice ar­rested Singh and his as­so­ciate Jagdish (27) and seized two loaded pis­tols and car­tridges from them. Pramod Kush­waha, DCP (Spe­cial Cell), said, “ACP Govind Sharma and his team keep track of the move­ments of con­victs re­leased from jail on bail or pa­role. Om­bir was re­leased on June 6, and a team headed by in­spec­tors San­jay Gupta Lives saved Ar­rested PLOT Man comes out on a one-week pa­role; plans to kill an in­dus­tri­al­ist (78) and his wife (75) apart from an­other mur­der wit­ness on the last day and re­turn to jail. Dis­cusses plan with girl­friend, cops ar­rest them hours be­fore the mur­ders Life saved Ar­rested PLOT Cops avert the mur­der of a woman named Bhavna, a wit­ness to a mur­der com­mit­ted by a gang led by a crim­i­nal named Rocky Lives saved Ar­rested PLOT Nurs­ing at­ten­dant of an el­derly cou­ple aged 92 and 85 hatches a plot to kill them and rob their house on his last work­ing day. Dis­cusses plan with a weapon sup­plier, gets busted while en route to com­mit the mur­ders life saved Ar­rested PLOT On D-Com­pany’s in­struc­tions, a lo­cal gang is at the end-stage of a plot to elim­i­nate a Ba­jrang Dal ac­tivist to ig­nite com­mu­nal ten­sion; busted Life saved Ar­rested PLOT D-Com­pany’s men send shoot­ers to kill Wasim Rizvi, pres­i­dent of Sunni Waqf Board. Spe­cial Cell man­ages to reach the spot in the nick of time and busts the plot Life saved Ar­rested PLOT A gang ar­rives at a po­lice sta­tion in north­east Delhi to gun down a ri­val who’s in cus­tody. Track­ing them, cell foils the plan and Ra­jesh Ku­mar be­gan trail­ing him.”

The cops were also mon­i­tor­ing the parolee’s phone calls and over­heard him par­tially dis­clos­ing his plan to his girl­friend. He told her he was soon to come into a lot of money, at least Rs 1 crore, and she could have most of it.

Singh’s min­ders found that the con­vict, ar­rested for mur­der and sent to jail last year, had be­come friends with an in­mate named Pawan, ac­cused of a dou­ble mur­der in cen­tral Delhi. At May end, Singh told his fel­low in­mate that he would leave jail on pa­role in the first week of June.

Pawan then tipped Singh about the wealthy cou­ple, whose chil­dren did not live with them. He knew about the se­nior cit­i­zens be­cause he had worked as a driver in that neigh­bour­hood for five years and dis­cov­ered they owned some fac­to­ries and lived alone. Pawan con­firmed the cou­ple still lived there, still alone, through his brother-in-law, Jagdish, who vis­ited the cen­tral Delhi colony twice.

In re­turn for this in­for­ma­tion, Pawan asked for a share of the booty — he needed money for his mother’s medical treat­ment, he said — and the elim­i­na­tion of the wit­ness in his mur­der case. On June 9, Singh and Jagdish re­con­noitred the cou­ple’s house. They de­cided that they would com­mit the crime early on June 13, be­fore Singh re­ported back to jail in the af­ter­noon. They pro­cured the weapons on June 12.

Re­al­is­ing that the pair was about to strike, the Spe­cial Cell swooped on the house in Delhi Cantonment where they were stay­ing and ar­rested them.

The cops were mon­i­tor­ing the parolee’s phone calls and over­head him par­tially tell his plan to his girl­friend. He told her he was soon to come into a lot of money, at least 1 crore, and she could have most of it

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