One in 7 US res­i­dents for­eign-born, In­dia tops with 8.3L mi­grants in 7 yrs

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STIMES tatis­tics re­leased by the US Cen­sus Board last week show that im­mi­grants (both le­gal and il­le­gal) com­prised nearly 14% of the US pop­u­la­tion. In other words, one out of seven US res­i­dents is for­eign born.

In terms of numbers, the for­eign-born pop­u­la­tion, based on find­ings of the Amer­i­can Com­mu­nity Sur­vey (2017), rose by al­most 8 lakh in 2016 to stand at 44.5 mil­lion (or 4.45 crore) in July 2017, which is an in­crease of 1.8%. Amer­ica is touted as a land of im­mi­grants, but this share of im­mi­grants in the to­tal pop­u­la­tion is the high­est in over a cen­tury. The Cen­ter for Im­mi­gra­tion Stud­ies (CIS), which is viewed an anti-im­mi­gra­tion think-tank, terms this as a record in­crease. “As re­cently as 1980, just one out of 16 US res­i­dents was for­eign born,” CIS points out in its re­port.

CIS has done an ex­ten-

Top three source coun­tries over 7 years

sive anal­y­sis of the data. Ac­cord­ing to its re­port, the ‘send­ing’ coun­tries with the largest nu­mer­i­cal in­crease in im­mi­grants be­tween 2010 and 2017 were In­dia (up by 8.30 lakh), China (up by 6.77 lakh) and the Do­mini­can Re­pub­lic (up by 2.83 lakh). The per­cent­age in­creases for these coun­tries be­tween 2010 and 2017 were 47%, 31% and 32% (see ta­ble).

Nepal showed the high­est per­cent­age in­crease in im­mi­grants since 2010. With 1.52 lakh Nepalese in US, as of July 2017, it showed a per­cent­age in­crease of 120% since 2010. Pak­istan showed a per­cent­age in­crease of 31% in terms of in­flow of mi­grants to US to stand at nearly 4 lakh in num­ber.

Ac­cord­ing to the US Cen­sus Board, the term for­eign­born, refers to in­di­vid­u­als who were not US cit­i­zens at birth. It in­cludes those im­mi­grants who later ob­tained US cit­i­zen­ship, green card hold­ers, tem­po­rary work­ers (such as those on H-1B visa) and in­ter­na­tional stu­dents.

The re­port by CIS points out that be­tween 2010 and 2017, 95 lakh new im­mi­grants set­tled in the US. New ar­rivals are off­set by roughly 3 lakh im­mi­grants who re­turn home each year and an annual nat­u­ral mor­tal­ity of an equal num­ber. As a re­sult, the im­mi­grant pop­u­la­tion grew 46 lakh from 2010 to 2017.

Re­cent pro­tec­tion­ist mea­sures may, in the com­ing years, re­sult in a grad­ual de­cline in the num­ber of for­eign-born in the US, ow­ing to a num­ber of fac­tors, such as in­crease in de­nial of work visas or ex­ten­sions to tem­po­rary work­ers, slow­down in hir­ing of im­mi­grants, dip in the num­ber of in­ter­na­tional stu­dents and de­por­ta­tion of il­le­gal im­mi­grants.

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