Isro works on tech­nol­ogy to re­use 1st, 2nd rocket stages

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First stage of rocket fall­ing af­ter sep­a­ra­tion Lift-off from Sri­harikota New Delhi: In a bid to cut cost of satel­lite launch­ers, Isro is work­ing on re­us­able launch tech­nol­ogy for us­ing the first and sec­ond stages of a rocket mul­ti­ple times. To mas­ter the tech­nol­ogy, Isro is go­ing to “hold a test on the ad­vanced ver­sion of re­us­able launch ve­hi­cle (RLV) in June-July”.

Talk­ing to TOI, Isro chair­man K Si­van said, “We are work­ing on a re­us­able launch tech­nol­ogy in or­der to re­cover the first and sec­ond stages of a Space shut­tle in­ject­ing a satel­lite in or­bit Ver­ti­cal land­ing of first stage

on sea. Will be reused for more launches rocket so that we can re­use them to cut cost and carry heav­ier pay­loads. The first rocket stage will be re­cov­ered on a ver­ti­cal land­ing spot on the sea like Space X has been do­ing with Fal­con rocket. Re­cov­er­ing the sec­ond stage is not easy. We are, there­fore, de­vel­op­ing a winged body like a space shut­tle. This shut­tle will be at­tached as a sec­ond stage in a rocket. It will carry the top por­tion of the rocket com­pris­ing a satel­lite to space. Once it in­jects the satel­lite in its or­bit, the shut­tle will re­turn.” He said the “sec­ond stage re­cov- Ma­noeu­vred back to earth with on­board com­puter con­trols Land­ing on an airstrip. Will be reused for fu­ture mis­sions ery has never been tried by any other space agency in the world, not even SpaceX”.

Isro had held the first RLV test on May 23, 2016. On the June-July test, Si­van said, “This test will be dif­fer­ent where a he­li­copter will take the shut­tle to a con­sid­er­able height and from that height, the winged body will be dropped. It will glide back to earth and land on an airstrip.” There is spec­u­la­tion the land­ing strip could be made in An­damans. The third RLV test will be held from the or­bit.

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