The Times of India (New Delhi edition) : 2019-02-11

TIMES CITY : 4 : 4


4 TIMES CITY THE TIMES OF INDIA, NEW DELHI MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 690 MT 150MT 40MT 150-200MT 150MT ➤ ➤ 80% ➤ ➤ Mission Tabdeel, transforming lives STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Ragpickers pick waste from campus, segregate non-biodegradable soft plastic waste (like milk packets) Plastic is given to members of Sambhal community residing in Batla House They cut these into small strips and turn them into threads These threads are then woven into mattresses for homeless and the poor STEP 4 HOW PLASTIC IS BEING 1 7 CONVERTED INTO USEFUL PRODUCTS IN 7 STEPS Under a scheme called REPLAN, the processed and de-structured plastic is mixed with cotton fibre rags and undergoes multiple stages of treatment to produce a pulp that is turned into paper. Because of its strength and durability, this paper can be used to make paper bags, fine tissues and other paper-based items 100gm 10MT Pulp used to make one carry bag Raw material required for making 1 lakh carry bags Amount of waste used in making one carry bag 20gm polythene = waste and 20 grams of garbage waste 2 6 100 per kg Cost of production earlier 66 per kg Cost of production now 3.40 Cost reduction on one carry bag 3 5 4 Woman molested in east Delhi A 26-year-old woman has alleged that she was molested by a group of men in front of her husband in east Delhi’s Shahdara on Saturday. The accused allegedly assaulted the man when he tried to stop them. As per the woman’s statement to the cops, the incident happened in the evening when she and her husband were walking from the metro station to reach their home. As they were crossing a park, two men allegedly passed comments at the woman and then started touching her inappropriately. When her husband protested, he was taken into a corner and thrashed by the duo. Later, as public gathered, they fled. New Delhi: TNN

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