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➤ ‘An An­cient Harap­pan Genome Lacks An­ces­try from Steppe Pastoralis­ts or Ira­nian Farm­ers’ is the first study of a genome from a Harap­pan site of peo­ple. In ef­fect, the Harap­pan genome lacks Ira­nian farm­ers’ an­ces­try

➤ This also ap­pears to im­ply that farm­ing be­gan in­de­pen­dently in In­dia, since the mi­grants who built the Harap­pan civil­i­sa­tion were not farm­ers when they came to In­dia

➤ The DNA se­quenc­ing shows a mix­ture of peo­ple re­lated to an­cient Ira­ni­ans (the largest com­po­nent) and south­east Asian hunter-gath­er­ers

➤ When the Harap­pan civil­i­sa­tion — com­pris­ing early In­di­ans and West Asians — was built, the steppe pastoralis­ts, un­der­stood to have brought the Indo-Aryan lan­guages to In­dia, were not present in the re­gion. It also, in ef­fect, chal­lenges the Aryan in­va­sion the­ory

➤ Re­port sug­gests that in­di­vid­ual pro­file had lit­tle, if any, Steppe pas­toralderiv­ed an­ces­try

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