For­eign rule

An open let­ter from the Bharatiya As­so­ci­a­tion of Driv­ers (BAD) to the min­is­ter for roads and trans­port

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Honourable and Re­spected Mantriji,

On be­half of the Bharatiya As­so­ci­a­tion of Driv­ers (BAD) I am bring­ing to your no­tice that 72 years after In­dia won In­de­pen­dence we, the driv­ers of this coun­try, are once again fac­ing the zulm of for­eign rule.

And I am sad to say this for­eign rule is be­ing im­posed on us by none other than the min­istry over which your es­teemed self pre­sides: viz the min­istry of roads and trans­port, which has be­gun, with­out any provo­ca­tion, to levy zub­ber­dust fines – of­ten amount­ing to many thou­sands of ru­pees – on us poor driv­ers of all kinds, be they driv­ers of cars, two-wheel­ers, three-wheel­ers, trucks, buses, and, for all we know, of bul­lock carts as well.

Fines are be­ing im­posed for a mean­ing­less rule like ‘Driv­ing on the wrong side of the road’. How can there be a wrong side of a road and a right side? Both sides are same-to-same. So who says there’s a wrong side of the road? Does the road say it?

Then there’s a fine to do with those pretty dec­o­ra­tions on our roads, which are like Di­wali lights, and change colour from green, to yel­low, to red.

All of sud­den a rule has been made that when the red light is on all driv­ers must stop and wait for it to turn green.

How dumb is that. As if those stupid lights know when I’m run­ning late to pick my Mis­sus up from her kitty party, or the kid­dies from school.

Then there are th­ese rules about seat belts and safety hel­mets. Will the peo­ple rid­ing on a bul­lock cart also have to wear seat belts? Will the buf­falo have to wear a hel­met?

All rules – par­tic­u­larly road rules – are to­tally for­eign to us. This for­eign rule-bazi must end, or all of us who belong to BAD will do a rasta-roko and block all the roads, high­ways and gulli-guch­has in the coun­try.

Driv­ers of In­dia unite! You have noth­ing to lose but your chal­lans!

Yrs etc,

NR Chist

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