Doc­tors save in­fant with rare heart con­di­tion

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New Delhi: In an un­com­mon surgery, doc­tors at Delhi’s Apollo Hos­pi­tal re­cently saved the life of a 7-month-old girl suf­fer­ing from type-3 trun­cus ar­te­rio­sus (TA) — a rare type of heart dis­ease.

Nor­mally there are two main blood ves­sels part­ing the heart: the aorta, car­ry­ing blood to the body, and the pul­monary artery that car­ries blood to the lungs.

In­stead of hav­ing a sep­a­rate pul­monary artery and aorta, the baby had only one great blood ves­sel part­ing the heart, which then branched into blood ves­sels go­ing to the lungs and the body. This re­sulted in breath­ing prob­lems for her, said doc­tors.

Dr Muthu Jothi, se­nior con­sul­tant and pae­di­atric car­dio­tho­racic sur­geon at Apollo hos­pi­tal said that if the con­di­tion was left un­treated, the child would have died due to pul­monary hy­per­ten­sion (high pres­sure in the lungs) and car­diac fail­ure. “The child, Ban­goli Iso­nia, was from Congo. No hos­pi­tal in her coun­try agreed to take up the case con­sid­er­ing her ten­der age. We at­tempted to carry out sur­gi­cal in­ter­ven­tion de­spite all odds,” Dr Jothi said. The surgery was car­ried out Septem­ber 14.

“We dis­con­nected the pul­monary ar­ter­ies from the aorta and in­stalled a tube be­tween the pul­monary ar­ter­ies. The hole in the heart was closed,” the doc­tors said.

The child was on ven­ti­la­tor sup­port for 24 hours. “Her con­di­tion im­proved sig­nif­i­cantly and she is fit to go back to her coun­try now,” the doc­tors added.

The fa­ther of the baby Bnag­uli said, “Our fam­ily was com­pletely de­spon­dent when a fam­ily friend shared Ban­goli’s re­port with the doc­tors at Apollo hos­pi­tal over an email. They read­ily agreed to take up the case”.

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