Booze bans may be good for votes but don’t stop peo­ple from drink­ing


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Pradesh is the lat­est to move to­wards to­tal pro­hi­bi­tion af­ter it took over about 3,500 liquor shops in the state from pri­vate op­er­a­tors. The plan is to grad­u­ally re­duce the sale win­dow be­fore shut­ting them down in a year. Like in case of other dry states, Andhra CM Ja­gan­mo­han Reddy is ful­fill­ing a poll prom­ise. He would be hop­ing a booze ban will win him women’s votes while re­duc­ing crime, solv­ing so­cial prob­lems, pre­vent­ing road ac­ci­dents, im­prov­ing health. Al­co­hol is a state sub­ject, so laws gov­ern­ing al­co­hol vary from state to state. Here’s a look at booze bans Taxes from al­co­hol sales roughly form a quar­ter of state rev­enues. If this stream sud­denly stops, states are forced to cut spend­ing else­where. At a time when GST col­lec­tion hasn’t sta­bilised and Cen­tre is sup­posed to com­pen­sate states only till 2022, loss of a rev­enue source can have a big im­pact. Pro­hi­bi­tion also af­fects tourist in­flow

Top 10 liquor ex­cise earn­ers

For two decades af­ter in­de­pen­dence, large parts of present-day Ma­ha­rash­tra, Tamil Nadu, MP, As­sam, Odisha, Kar­nataka and Ker­ala were dry, but most al­lowed sale of liquor in 1967

NOTE: Map only shows sta­tus of big states. Source: Statista, me­dia re­ports

HARYANA Im­posed it in 1996 and lifted it two years later GU­JARAT Has banned liquor since May 1960, when the state came into be­ing KER­ALA Put curbs in 2014 and re­voked them in 2017 BI­HAR Pro­hi­bi­tion came into force in April 2016 when JD(U) CM Ni­tish Ku­mar ful­filled a poll pledge Banned the sale and con­sump­tion of al­co­hol in 1989 MI­ZO­RAM Im­posed it in 1997, re­pealed it in 2014 and im­posed it again ear­lier this year MANIPUR Dry since 1991, is only par­tially so start­ing 2002 ANDHRA Has tried pro­hi­bi­tion ear­lier. TDP govt de­clared pro­hi­bi­tion in 1992 but it was re­pealed af­ter five years be­cause of its fi­nan­cial im­pact TAMIL NADU Went dry in 1974 but has been ‘wet’ since 1981

Rev­enue from al­co­hol, 2015-16 (in Rs cr) Mean­while... In­dia’s an­nual al­co­hol in­take in­creased by (from 4.3 to 5.9 litres per adult per year) dur­ing 2010-17, said a Lancet study NA­GA­LAND

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