It’s when you get bet­ter that your de­sire reawak­ens. But then ev­ery­one makes you look at the mir­ror. You are still fat and dis­abled

The Times of India (New Delhi edition) - - Sunday Special - For most of us, fruits and veg­eta­bles are just items on our shop­ping list, but they have be­come sym­bols for all kinds of things in to­day’s dig­i­tal age. Here are some fruits and veggies that mean more than they let on…

You are still fat and dis­abled. You be­come sad. And then de­pressed. Spells of de­cent phys­i­cal health oc­cu­pied by bad men­tal health. Till it be­comes a self-re­peat­ing cy­cle.

In my de­fense, I would like to say I love my­self. But prob­a­bly that is go­ing too far. The first time I pro­posed to a girl as a 20-year-old, she told me she liked me but didn’t love me. I think I agree with her. I like my­self.

The thought of not be­ing loved doesn’t haunt me any­more. It both­ers my ro­man­tic heart some­times. But there are so many peo­ple who can’t find love. So I go out, have fun with friends, read books, write po­etry and en­joy long pla­tonic con­ver­sa­tions.

It’s just a few min­utes ev­ery day. Prob­a­bly around mid­night. When my body hurts, lament­ing every­thing that eludes it. Ev­ery touch. Ev­ery sen­sa­tion. And only then it is re­minded of its in­com­plete­ness. In­com­plete. Yearn­ing. Long­ing. It’s like a melan­cholic song that never ends.

The writer is a re­search scholar work­ing on dis­abil­ity

and gen­der The egg­plant emoji has be­come the in­ter­net’s go-to sym­bol to rep­re­sent a pe­nis. There was a brief stand-off be­tween the egg­plant and ba­nana to see which would be the of­fi­cial sym­bol, but the aubergine pre­vailed.

In an ar­ti­cle for Slate, Amanda Hess says the egg­plant emoji was first de­signed for Ja­panese iPhones since their egg­plants are less plump and more phal­lic. Now it’s even got an en­try into dic­tio­ also dis­cusses how com­bin­ing it with the mouth emoji, the droplet emoji and the peach emoji can rep­re­sent a va­ri­ety of sex­ual acts

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