High-five work week

The Times of India (New Delhi edition) - - Sunday Special -

Cre­ate a morn­ing rou­tine that guides you to the task at hand. Set your i nten­tion on some­thing. Here’s an ex­am­ple: set your in­ten­tion by de­cid­ing which task to fo­cus on



the task in front of you

None of the ac­tions in that rou­tine is dif­fi­cult, and yet they set you up to do the task you want to be do­ing. It’s much bet­ter than re­ly­ing on willpower alone. The worst way to sched­ule meet­ings is to pick any time when you’re free. The hours of the day are not cre­ated equal. Some of those hours are times when you’re likely to have en­ergy, feel fo­cused, and be able to find your mo­ti­va­tion. You need to pro­tect those hours so you can tackle the hard­est work then. Do not give those hours over to peo­ple who want to have meet­ings.

What ti me of day do you tend to slump? Your slump hours should be your de­fault meet­ing time.

Ro­hit Bansal, co­founder, Snapdeal, has re­vealed that he spends the first 15 min­utes of a work day plan­ning

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