Aliens could be spy­ing on us from as­teroids

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In­tel­li­gent aliens could be spy­ing on Earth us­ing ro­botic probes tac­ti­cally po­si­tioned on nearby space rocks, ac­cord­ing to a bizarre re­port from a prom­i­nent Amer­i­can sci­en­tist. The idea was first pro­posed by Stan­ford ra­dio­physi­cist Ron­ald Bracewell back in1960. Now physi­cist James Ben­ford has sug­gested that the ob­vi­ous place for these probes — or “lurk­ers” — is on near-Earth as­teroids known as “co-or­bital ob­jects”. As the name sug­gests, these space rocks cir­cle the Earth as the same time as or­bit­ing the Sun. Only a small num­ber (less than 20) of these ob­jects has ever been found. The clos­est, a small as­teroid known as 2016 HO3 , has been cir­cling Earth for al­most a cen­tury, and is de­scribed by Nasa as “Earth’s con­stant com­pan­ion”. Ac­cord­ing to Ben­ford, the close prox­im­ity of these space rocks to Earth makes them the ideal place for aliens to set up probes to spy on us.

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