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Jodhpur royal, fashion designer, and our A-List member, Raghavendr­a Rathore offers a guide to dressing up like royalty on your travels. What are the different designs of the bandhgala at Raghavendr­a Rathore Jodhpur, and who are they for?

Bandhgalas come in different styles to meet the demands of the evolving customer. Principall­y classic in their overture, hundreds of designs are possible as subtle detailing makes [each of] them unique. Classic, festive, summer, or printed, there are endless possibilit­ies, whether it is for weddings, formal dressing, or a casual look.

What does the bandhgala mean to your Indian and internatio­nal clients?

It is an iconic piece of clothing that reminds us of our heritage. With modernised patterns and techniques, it has crossed geographie­s to become a strong competitor of the tuxedo, depending on which part of the world you are in.

How can a reader dress like a royal? Can you offer some styling tips?


Dressing to emulate any genre is good only when one knows how to put things together. Well-travelled individual­s do this brilliantl­y by combining different elements of aristocrac­y with everyday clothing and accessorie­s. For example, an ivory band with driving shoes, paired with a blazer-inspired bandhgala with gold metallic buttons.

Could you bust a few common fashion myths for our globetrott­ing readers?

Travel to enjoy and not to punish yourself with a huge wardrobe! Clever combinatio­ns of knitwear and classic clothing need less maintenanc­e and ironing, especially when you are travelling for leisure.

If you were allowed only five things in your travel wardrobe, what would they be?

The classic bandhgala with silver insignia buttons, denims without a washed taint, a classic light pink shirt, driving shoes, and colourful socks.

Could you recommend five pairings of RR ensembles with destinatio­ns?

Istanbul: A summary pistachio or cinnamon bandhgala with light ivory bands.

New York: Dark denims and crisp white shirt, paired with a classic bandhgala and a maroon pocket scarf.

Dubai: A bandhgala shirt with handmade cotton pants, printed socks, and a cardigan on the waist.

London: A handmade

bandhgala with brocade trims, and a fuchsia India shirt paired with tapered dark blue pants. Paris: A bandhgala waistcoat, bright lemon shirt, pink pants with a cardigan tied to the waist, and shaded sunglasses.

 ?? ?? One of Raghavendr­a Rathore’s suggested looks for a holiday in Dubai (below).
One of Raghavendr­a Rathore’s suggested looks for a holiday in Dubai (below).
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