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Who says tech can’t help you become a better chef or a host? Here is a set of widgets to shake up your next dinner party.


1. WATER BOTTLE Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle Staying hydrated is important but what do you do if you keep forgetting to drink enough water? Simple, you get yourself a smart bottle that glows when it’s time for your next sip. There’s Bluetooth syncing as well, so you can keep track of how much water you’re drinking via the Hidrate app. `9,779.42;


2. FRIDGE Marshall Black Edition 4.4 Fridge A fridge? Yes, but this isn’t your average kitchen appliance. With a design that pays homage to the vintage Marshall guitar amps, this won’t just keep your beer cold, but might become the centre of attention at your next weekend get-together. `42,690; mahajanele­


3. INSTANT COOKER Instant Pot Duo This all-in-one thingamaji­g is rather innovative, but not just in a ‘Look, we have WiFi you’ll never use’ way! Instead, the Instant Pot range brings together a host of useful functions that will make this your most-used appliance— it’s a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, saucepan, food warmer, and even a yoghurt maker! `8,999;


4. COFFEE MAKER Blue Tokai Nano Kit Here’s all you need to ensure a fresh cuppa joe on your travels—a compact pour over coffee maker kit with a grinder, goose-neck kettle, dripper, coffee jars, and a starter pack of filters. All put together in a handy carrying case. `16,700; bluetokaic­

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