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Kati Patang


Kati Patang’s non-alcoholic sparkling cocktails are packed with flavours. Titled ‘NOT drinks’, they perfectly imitate three classic drinks—Gin & Tonic, Cosmopolit­an, and Old Fashioned. While NOT Gin &

Tonic masterfull­y blends the aroma and sweetness of juniper, freshness of lemon and basil, and hints of tonic bitterness, NOT Cosmopolit­an drink combines the tartness of cranberry, triple sec, and sweet notes of orange. None of these drinks have any artificial flavouring, preservati­ves, or sweeteners, and are made with natural extracts and botanicals. At a time when nonalcohol­ic drinks are becoming widely popular among millennial­s and Gen-Z, Kati Patang’s NOT drinks are a real game-changer.

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