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TiLT, Fratelli

A fun, quirky drink by Fratelli, TiLT is wine in a can, and can be enjoyed anywhere. It comes in four different flavours: red, white, bubbly, and bubbly rosé. Made from indigenous grape varieties, TiLT pays particular attention to easy drinkabili­ty and freshness. The concept is inspired by the French Beaujoulai­s winemaking style and harmonises flavours of lemon and passion fruit. With fun can designs and novel flavours, TiLT is youthful, and the high point of any party. fratelliwi­

No Sleep Greater Than Gin

Greater Than Gin is the only London Dry Gin made in India. Botanicals sourced from India and around the world are distilled in a copper pot. The brand launched No Sleep, a coffee-infused gin, in 2022. A limited release, it brings together two of India’s beloved beverages—gin and coffee.

Beans for the cold brew are 100 per cent Arabica coffee from Chikmagalu­r, Karnataka. This is blended with the gin distillate to produce notes of red cherries at first, followed by salted caramel on the palate and delicately spiced finish with hints of pink peppercorn.

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