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Start your food tour in the capital city of Portugal on a sweet note with the famous pasteis de nata (egg tarts); those at Pastéis de Belém (pasteisdeb­ or the 100-year-old Pastelaria Versailles (grupoversa­ come highly recommende­d. Family-owned O Frade offers a taste of the country’s Alentejo region in an intimate setting. Tucked in Belém, Michelin-starred Feitoria (restaurant­ brings Portugal’s best produce to its patrons. Pigmeu ( is a pork lover’s heaven—each dish here features pork, an ubiquitous Portuguese ingredient. Celebrity chef Vítor Sobral recreates iconic dishes such as bacalhau à brás (salted cod mixed with fried onion and potato) at his restaurant Tasca da Esquina (tascadaesq­ in Campo de Ourique. Don’t miss the piri-piri chicken at A Valenciana, a local favourite. visitlisbo­

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