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The soulful cuisine of South Korea is best sampled in its capital, Seoul. Head straight to the heart of the city, Gwangjang Market, to sample authentic dishes such as ttokbokki (a chewy rice cake dish served in a variety of ways), bindaettee­ok (mung bean pancake), kalguksu (hand-cut noodles), and san-nakji (baby octopus). Soondae (pork belly sausage) and potato dumplings at Neungra Bapsang are also popular. A communal meal of Korean Army Stew (budae jjigae), kimchi dumplings, spicy squid, and walnut soup at Samcheongd­ong Jukkumi Kalguksu is an experience unlike any other. In a quaint Hanok setting, Michelin-starred chef Tony Yoo puts the spotlight on a vegetable-oriented cuisine that originated in Korea’s Buddhist temples.

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