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Sample the flavourful dishes of Himachal Pradesh at Radisson Blu Resort Dharamshal­a where a traditiona­l feast awaits.

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INDULGE IN AUTHENTIC Himachali dham prepared using traditiona­l recipes and the region’s freshest ingredient­s at Radisson

Blu Resort Dharamshal­a’s all-day dining restaurant, The Edge. A community lunch feast often reserved for special occasions and festivals, a dham is characteri­sed by rich curd-based gravies and use of local, aromatic spices. Essential to the region’s culture, the feast usually consists of 10-12 individual dishes served on leaves, including aromatic rice, fried pulses, spicy vegetable curry made using red kidney beans, and many delicious desserts.

Located at the foothills of the scenic Dhauladhar Himalayan range in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, the resort also serves as the base for other neighbouri­ng tourist spots. Trek through the mountains to visit monasterie­s and temples, and pack in a visit to Dalai Lama’s complex in McLeod Ganj. Shop for local goods at Kotwali Bazaar, sip on teas at the gardens of Sheela Chowk, or soak in mesmerisin­g views of the Kangra Valley and soaring pine forests from any of the 120 rooms at the resort or the infinity pool. radissonho­

 ?? ?? A Himachali
dham usually consists of 10-12 dishes served on leaves.
A Himachali dham usually consists of 10-12 dishes served on leaves.

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