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No quarantine in UK for Indians fully vaccinated with Covishield


Indians who are fully vaccinated with Covishield or any other UK-approved vaccine will not be quarantine­d when they arrive in Britain, ending a row over what was perceived as an unfair imposition of COVID-19 quarantine rules.

“No quarantine for India travellers to the United Kingdom fully vaccinated with Covishield or another UK-approved vaccine from 11 October. Thanks to the Indian government for close cooperatio­n over last month,” British High Commission­er to India Alex Ellis tweeted on October 7, 2021.

“I’m also making changes so travellers visiting England have fewer entry requiremen­ts, by recognisin­g those with fully-vax status from 37 new countries and territorie­s including India, Turkey and Ghana, treating them the same as UK fully vax passengers,” Britain’s Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps tweeted.

“The decision was taken after close technical cooperatio­n between our ministries taking public health factors into account,” a British High Commission spokespers­on said in a statement on Thursday.

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