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ADTOI WB Chapter and India Tourism Kolkata celebrate women empowermen­t during Durga Puja


ADTOI West Bengal Chapter in associatio­n with India Tourism – Kolkata organised a learning experience on October 11, for the women entreprene­urs and executives in tourism to explore the festivity during this Durga Puja with the well-known lady tour guide Bratati Saha covering some of the traditiona­l, aristocrat­ic heritage houses with an introducti­on to the great culinary culture across the streets of North Kolkata with the Celebrity Food Star Indrajit Lahiri.

Shortliste­d female participan­ts from the ADTOI member organisati­on under the leadership of ADTOI Lady Entreprene­ur Officer (LEO) Puja Karar and tour operators approved by the Ministry of Tourism - Government of India explored the possibilit­ies to promote the Great Autumn Festival of Bengal combining with an adventure with the Bengali gastronomy in the days to come.

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